15 Best Restaurants in Edgewater, NJ [2023 Updated] (2023)

Edgewater is a municipality that is locatedin New Jersey’s Bergen County, which is the Garden State’s most populous county.

This is logical when one considers it is located along a 3.5-mile strip of land that borders the Hudson River – with a view of the skyline of New York City.

The culinary scene and the best restaurants in Edgewater, NJ, are also greatly influenced by innovative chefs and cutting-edge cuisine in the nearby metropolitan areas.

Waterfront Walkway was developed to offer residents and visitors spectacular scenic views, especially from the impressive Palisades Cliffs, which form Edgewater’s northern border.

New Yorkers can catch the ferry service that operates between Edgewater marina Park and the 39th Pier on New York City’s westside.

Dino’s Bar and Grill

$$ | (201) 224-6992 | WEBSITE

Dino’s Bar & Grill is a family-owned and operated neighborhood bar-eatery that has been an Edgewater favorite for some time. From delicious bar food to burgers, sandwiches, salads, and entrees, Dino’s is sure to offer a mouthwatering favorite.

Wing lovers, check out Dino’s boneless or famous fat wings, served with a variety of sauces – from mild to atomic, teriyaki, BBQ, and garlic parmesan, to name a few.

The Dean Martin burger is covered in applewood smoked bacon, cheese, mushrooms, and white truffle oil.

Roberto’s II Restaurant

$$ | (201) 224-2524 | WEBSITE

15 Best Restaurants in Edgewater, NJ [2023 Updated] (1)

Roberto’s has been serving authentic Italian cuisine in the Edgewater and northern New Jersey area for more than fifty years. Check out the daily specials and 32 oz. drink specials before making your final order.

There are a number of soups, salads, and hot/cold starters from which to choose. Pasta is served traditionally and with a Roberto’s twist – like homemade Fettucine Roberto.

Chicken and veal are served Francese style, parmigiana, and scaloppini, to name a few. If you are lucky, Roberto’s pappardelle’s short rib ragu will be one of the daily specials.


$$ | (201) 402-3400 | WEBSITE

SEAK, a funky acronym for Southeast Asian Kitchen, offers spectacular river and NYC skyline views and some of the most unforgettable dishes in the greater NY area.

SEAK’s menu pulls from various southeast Asia cultures and cuisines – using garden fresh ingredients.

In addition to some spectacular lunch specials (Thai Basil Chicken, Pad Tai, Singapore Curry Noodles, etc.) SEAK offers delicious small plates and entrée Asian-influenced dishes.

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The SEAK Pho or Tom Yum Shrimp with Vermicelli Soup is unforgettable. There are also vegan friendly options on the menu.

Lulu Lounge & Bistro

$$ | (201) 347 – 3571 | WEBSITE

From their Old River Road location, Lulu Lounge and Mediterranean Bistro offer an amazing dining experience, with delectable options influenced by the Aegean and Mediterranean cultures.

Lulu’s serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so it is open all day. The Aegean Breakfast Plate with a variety of cheeses, olives, eggs, meats, honey cream, and Nutella is unmatched in its uniqueness.

Lulu’s lunch specials are delicious and affordable. They also offer a sharing menu of feta and parsley gozleme, borek, octopus, kibbeh (bulgur & ground beef), or falafel, among others.

The grilled branzino and baby lamb chops are among Lulu customer favorites.


$ | (201) 941- 2273 | WEBSITE

Bareburger lives up to its name – its ingredients are transparently and ethically sourced in an allergy-friendly kitchen.

Bareburger offers dynamite salad options (with protein optional add-ons) plus an array of mouthwatering chicken sandwiches – from buttermilk Buffalo to the spicy ranch or chicky club.

With more than a dozen burger creations offered, some adventurous burger lovers choose to create their own – choosing from a selection of buns, protein (beef, chicken, black bean, bison, plant-based), cheese, bacon or egg, sauce, and produce – for the ultimate in burger heaven.


$ | (201) 917-5115 | WEBSITE

15 Best Restaurants in Edgewater, NJ [2023 Updated] (2)

Rasco’s is often recognized among Edgewater’s best pizza, although all of their menu choices are delicious favorites of locals. The Drunken Chicken Pizza (chicken with vodka sauce) or Eggplant Parmesan pizza is both delectable and unique.

Rasco’s also offers square pizza for a Sicilian pizza experience. Rasco’s wings, calzones, and fresh salads are sure to please everyone in your party.

Shrimp is served Francese and parmigiana, but sausage, pepper, and onion sandwich are what New Jersey Italian food is famous for.

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Brownstone Pancake Factory

$$ | (201) 945-4800 | WEBSITE

The Brownstone Pancake Factory offers an amazing, extensive menu (with 30 versions of pancakes), with everything considered fantastic.

The Brownstone Pancake Factory specializes in serving giant milkshakes but has a variety of soup options, wraps, gourmet salads, soup, and salad platters, among others.

The chef specials change nightly, with Taco Tuesdays, Beef Brisket on Wednesday, and braised short ribs on Saturday.

But the locals keep coming back for the classics, like lemon chicken, salmon teriyaki, steak stir-fry, or the buffalo chicken mac and cheese bowl.

Bianco Blu Italian Restaurant

$$$ | (201) 275-4238 | WEBSITE

15 Best Restaurants in Edgewater, NJ [2023 Updated] (3)

Recognized among the finest Italian dining establishments in the area, BiancoBlu has been a favorite for locals for some time.

In addition to delectable pasta options (carbonara, fresh clams, Bolognese, alla panna, or primavera), BiancoBlu offers a variety of chicken, fish, veal, and beef made with love and the freshest of ingredients.

Check out BiancoBlu’s signature cocktails – from the Lycheetini to the Edgewater Socialite to the Bloody Martini or Italian Stallion.

Baumgart’s Café American and Asian Restaurant

$$$ | (201) 313-3889 | WEBSITE

15 Best Restaurants in Edgewater, NJ [2023 Updated] (4)

Baumgart’s Café, located on the Promenade, offers a range of authentic Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Thai) and American dishes for lunch and dinner. The Asian options include hand or special rolls, specialties sushi, and sashimi, among others.

The menu also offers vegetarian and heart-healthy options for those with dietary limitations. Noodle lovers rejoice in a variety of choices, from lo mein to pad Thai.

But save room for the homemade pastries – from coconut cake to pecan pie and even a gluten-free red velvet cake, to name a few.

Haven Riverfront Restaurant and Bar

$$$ | (201) 943-1900 | WEBSITE

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Haven offers dynamic views of the Manhattan skyline from the western banks of the Hudson River and has been recognized to be among the globe’s top waterfront restaurants!

Have offers lunch, brunch, and dinner, plus specialty menus for vegetarians, happy hour, and desserts. For a treat, start with the oysters sourced from around the world, or for something unique, pretzel crusted fried calamari.

To enjoy the best Haven offers would take several visits, so plan on trying braised Colorado short ribs, pan-roasted lamb shank, or seafood risotto made with ‘black rice.’ For a bit of romance, Haven offers caviar and champagne for two for that special occasion.

Edgewater Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

$$$$ | (201) 313-9463 | WEBSITE

Located midway from the GW Bridge and the Lincoln Tunnel, along the banks of the Hudson River, Flemings is among the finest dining experiences in the area.

Although deservedly well-known for its prime steaks, Flemings also offers delicious seafood dishes and even innovative options of plant-based proteins.

The crab cakes and chilled seafood tower are sure to please even the most refined palate. Meat lovers can choose from classic cuts – like filet mignon, ribeye, NY strip, or a 35 oz.

Tomahawk specialty option. The lobster tails and miso glazed Chilean sea bass are among the tastiest around. The chocolate lava cake, with a molten center of Callebaut chocolate, is paired with vanilla ice cream.

The River Palm Terrace in Edgewater

$$$ | (201) 224-2013 | WEBSITE

15 Best Restaurants in Edgewater, NJ [2023 Updated] (5)

The River Palm Terrace is so popular it has multiple NJ locations. It is a classic steakhouse, evidenced by framed and autographed celebrity photos that have enjoyed the River Palm’s delicious cuisine and its dark wood and rustic feel.

The River Palm steaks are dry-aged for 28 days and hand selected by an in-house butcher. Seafood lovers will find delicious fresh seafood and unique sushi creations among the River Palm’s menu options.

The house specialty is their open-face sliced steak (filet mignon) sandwich served with crispy onions and French fries. The shrimp Francese and Faroe Island salmon offer healthy but delectable options.


$$$ | (201) 943-8808 | WEBSITE

15 Best Restaurants in Edgewater, NJ [2023 Updated] (6)

Rebecca’s on Old River Road has been a local favorite for more than two decades. It is an intimate eatery that serves Latin/Cubanfusion foodthat is popular with local residents and visitors.

The menu is best characterized as Cuban fusion, with unique and delicious preparations, so expect a menu dedicated to Sangria options.

The starters included delicious beef empanadas or Cuban croquettes. Salad options offer cranberry and goat cheese or avocado and hearts of palm salad, to name a few.

Shrimp is served in several ways, all of which are most delicious. Finish it off with some flan or warm bread pudding with a bourbon sauce.

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Jack’s Lobster Shack

$$ | (201) 224-2808 | WEBSITE

15 Best Restaurants in Edgewater, NJ [2023 Updated] (7)

Jack’s Lobster Shack is an institution created to allow north Jersey residents to enjoy the delicate and delectable taste and texture of a New England lobster.

Jack’s even offers delicious gluten-free options – steamers, peel and eat shrimp or mussels in wine sauce. Lobster tends to star in many dishes from mac and cheese, fettuccine alfredo, grilled cheese, tacos, sliders, or ravioli.

The crab cake and shrimp po boy sandwiches are also a tasty option for those in the mood for a handheld meal. If you love Lobster Bisque and have a big appetite, check out Jack’s Lobster Bisque served in a bread bowl.

Café Achetypus

$$ | (201) 941-0609 | WEBSITE

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Café Archetypus is as unique as its artist/creator Warren Sonberg. Café Archetypus offers takeout and delivery but also indoor cave seat seating, with reservations available online.

Café Achetypus’s menu is comprehensive and delicious. There are delicious starters, wraps, and salads from which to choose.

The quesadillas are offered with chicken, bacon mushroom, cilantro chicken, vegetables, or five cheese. Dessert lovers check out the forbidden brown, the Valentina, or tiramisu delight for a sweet ending.

Or, if a smoothie or milkshake is your thing, Café Achetypus offers them in blueberry, banana cream pie, cappuccino freeze, mixed berry, strawberry, or strawberry-banana.

The Yacht Club

$$ | (201) 945-3300 | WEBSITE

The Yacht Club on the Hudson offers two levels of dining with an outdoor bar to see the breathtaking, scenic views of the New York City skyline. The Yacht Clubs fish is sourced fresh from around the world.

There is a Sunday Lobster Feast offered at the Yacht Club with a Prix fix of three courses. The raw bar offers oysters, clams, or an amazing seafood tower.

The Snapper and Shrimp Tacos or the Lobster Claw BLT or crab cake burger are amazing. Brunch lovers have an amazing array.


Some of the best restaurants in Edgewater offer simple cuisine made by many skilled chefs.

The metro influence of NYC is quite evident and welcomed by those living and passing through this northern New Jersey municipality as they head to upstate New York and point north.

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