Cheap Flights from Minneapolis to Alabama from $91 - KAYAK (2023)

Pros: "Getting to know the crew who served me in delta one was great! Food service was done pretty quickly and good snacks available."

Pros: "Dinner was great"

Pros: "I liked having the entertainment system on the Minneapolis to Atlanta flight. I was able to watch the football game which made the time go by more quickly. The crew was excellent and provided good service even though I did not have any food or drinks."

Cons: "I am always dismayed by how long it takes to get passengers on the plane. Once on the plane, it also takes too much time to get passengers seated. Passengers continue to bring luggage which takes up too much space in the overhead bins and have more items than permitted. I do not bring luggage on board because it is too hard to find space and it holds up the boarding process."

Pros: "Great crew!!"

Cons: "Boarding was a bit slow!"

Cons: "WiFi"

Pros: "Flight and crew were wonderful. Perfectly smooth landing!"

Cons: "I really wonder about the boarding procedure... isn't "back to front" more efficient? What is this Comfort +, Main Cabin 1, Main Cabin 2, Basic thing? Is that supposed to make you feel better because you paid for a seat selection?!"

Cons: "Flight attendant in First class was visibly frustrated and unfriendly. He was not helping with my simple request for a blanket. Also, the were no food service in first class."

Pros: "The crew was super friendly and professional. Enjoyed the reworked safety message before take-off."

Cons: "The Comfort+ seat, while it had plenty of leg room in front, had a small width-box that many Americans (being larger than perhaps they should be) will find extremely uncomfortable at best, and unable to fit in at worst."

Pros: "all good"

Cons: "unsure"

Cons: "No delay"

Cons: "The entertainment system was out completely for the whole flight"

Cons: "Nothing my timing was a bit off it all worked out well"

Cons: "Couldn't have been better"

Pros: "individual TVs"

Cons: "it would be great if you could not use all those one-use plastic cups. waste is a real issue in the US and the solution is using re-usable items like washable cups. Unboarding was a nightmare and it started to get really hot waiting to get off."

Pros: "The crew was great and very friendly."

Cons: "Never enough room and the food was okay. But what’s new about this when it comes to air travel?"

Pros: "Crew was nice, food and entertainment was nice."

Cons: "Seats could’ve been more comfortable."

Pros: "Wonderful friendly crew. Comfy seat. Very pleasantly impressed with the comfort on a CRJ900 -- windows are large and closer to eye level, standing room is enough."

Pros: "Everything went well."

Cons: "Friendlier faces. Seats that work better. Was clear on the reclining operation"

Cons: "I was assigned a seat on the last row of the plane--these not only don't recline, but it feels as though they push you forward. Also, the engine sound was so deafening with such intense vibration that I was unable to hear the flight attendant speaking to me from 2 feet away, much less anything overh"

Pros: "Very friendly crew with a clean plane!"

Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "Good snacks"

Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "There was no food or entertainment. There was a problem with the seat of the person in front of me. He couldn't keep his seat straight and his head was in my lap throughout the flight."

Pros: "Open seat next to me. Free movies."

Cons: "Really narrow aisles. Even hard for the crew to get by. I can’t believe they use A330s for international flights."

Pros: "Delra was very accommodating to get us on a later flight today due to a medical emergency the previous day. Thank you Delta, especially for your understanding."

Pros: "That I got to my destination safely, and my luggage wasn't lost"

Cons: "The seats are so uncomfortable, and trying to sleep on the flight was nearly impossible."

Cons: "SeAts"

Pros: "Great"

Cons: "Great"

Cons: "We barely made it through a storm. Super scary. Even the pilot said we "barely made it" over the speaker. I would rather be hours late getting home than feel like my life was possibly gambled with. I have my pilot's license so I am not unfamiliar with having to create an alternate flight plan when inclimate weather strikes. However, this was scary. My boyfriend quietly had a panic attack while we were on board. Would not fly Delta again because of this experience."

Pros: "Glass of water and a quick flight was all I needed. Went very well."

Cons: "Small delay waiting for the walkway arm at the gate otherwise we’d have been early"

Cons: "Officiant"

Pros: "Crew was fantastic and very helpful."

Cons: "Not sure who was in charge of loading the plane with food for purchase, but they forgot it all entirely. The crew was kind enough to give extra snacks. Kinda curious how you forgot to load a plane with food for purchase and how did the crew not notice in advance? I would think that is one of their checks of the cabin. Not mention who ever signed off saying they filled the plane with food for purchase lied. Very frustrating not only for the crew but for the passengers."

Pros: "The staff at the gate were efficient and very friendly, as were the onboard staff."

Cons: "My flight was delayed over 3 hours and I have reached out to Delta and no one has called or emailed me back."

Pros: "Flight was fine. They were especially generous with the snacks."

Cons: "My one complaint is the bathroom layout of the A320. Two tiny closet bathrooms in the back for all of coach and a much larger one much larger one first class (which is like 5 rows with a mesh curtain for separation). The coach bathrooms are so small a normal person can barely get in and turn around to close the door. I question whether a larger person would be able to actually use them. I also saw the flight attendant actively turn away coach passengers trying to use the first class bathroom when it was open (not standing in the aisle or anything annoying like that). That's ridiculous to have 2 tiny bathrooms for all of coach and also to make people walk all the way to the back of the plane when you are seated much closer to the first class bathroom."

Pros: "Everything went smoothly."

Cons: "The row I chose for a seat was next to the bathrooms. Those seats don’t recline. Found it it’s very hard to sleep sitting upright. That made the flight and the first day of my international trip difficult. It would be nice for the sites seat selection feature to include such nfo on seats. I paid nearly $2000 for a shitty seat."

Pros: "Upon arriving in Minneapolis-St. Paul, it was a struggle to determine whether or not my bags had made it, whether or not I needed to collect them from baggage claim due to the cancellations/delays, and if I was even going to be able to transfer my ticket. Flight arrived late in the evening when most flights were basically complete for the day. Luckily, I happened upon a red-eye arrival, and spoke to an agent at that gate (Taj). Taj was without a doubt, THE BEST GATE AGENT I HAVE ENCOUNTERED IN MY 40+ YEARS OF TRAVELLING!! I explained my situation to him, and he immediately asked to see my travel info. He proceeded to get me on a flight much earlier than originally anticipated, upgraded me to Premium fare status, and did his best to re-route my luggage (which he informed me was still sitting in ATLANTA 18 hours after having left there...) - how does someone get on a flight, and their check-in get noted, but their luggage does not get put on said flight?? Things that make you go hmmmmm.... All that aside...I will be planning a trip to Minneapolis-St. Paul specifically to take a gift of appreciation to Taj! Well done on this end Delta - Taj is an excellent example of intelligent customer service."

Cons: "Last minute notifications of delays/cancellations. Luggage was not placed on my original departing flight from Atlanta 18 HOURS EARLIER...not cool Delta. As a result, I did not receive my luggage for another 2 1/2 days ."

Pros: "NOT A THING!!"

Cons: "I has nothing to do with the flight it self! The original fight was cancelled from Minneapolis to Atlanta (with no notice) I found this out by calling!! I was told a confirmation of a new flight was going to be email once the request from the support had been approved (the email confirmation was never received). I was also instructed multiple times to not show at the airport unless I had receive the confirmation. I was up most of the night waiting for this confirmation that never came!! I received an email this morning letting me know the fight from ALT to Mexico had been delay!! When I opened it to view the itinerary it showed she had been booked for the am fight at 6:30 am! after spending another hour and 35 minutes on the phone your support team could not find a fight until Dec.21!! Not to mention the accepted they had problems with their email system and phones, but asked why didn't I called,mmm I was on the phone for the 3rd time!!!! I am very, very disappointed!! Not a discount was offer or a fight the next day even when I was checking an flights were available!!! Here is the other part,,Rosa came all the way from Mexico to care for her ill sister for the last 2 1/2 months, all she asked was to be able to be back home for the holidays!! Your team insisted on scheduling a flight for next week or a full refund!! This was not a money matter!! It's about getting some one home for the Holidays who has helped a ill person during the most vulnerable time in her life!!"

Pros: "Funny people at the gate, all was smooth and on time"

Cons: "It was too hot in the cabin, which is unusual (usually, I freeze)"

Pros: "Loading process, seats and drinks were great"

Cons: "No TV on back of the seat but thankfully the ladies next to me were very entertained"

Pros: "I like that if you're willing to gate check your bag, Delta allows you to check in with Zone 1 boarding. Seats did have plugs, which is a huge plus."

Cons: "Touch screens on the in-seat TV were not sensitive enough, technology on board was somewhat outdated."

Cons: "Turbulence"

Pros: "Nice regional jet!"

Cons: "It was a regional jet..."

Cons: "It was freezing cold on that flight. Cold air from side panels above the windows was blasting in our faces."

Pros: "Crew was very professional and friendly."

Cons: "Seats too close together."

Pros: "In-flight entertainment (if you brought a tablet or laptop with you), yummy gluten free pretzels, good flight attendants."

Cons: "A complimentary sandwich would have been nice for a 4 hour flight."

Pros: "Very late flight. Left on time, arrived 25 minutes early! Cabin crew were friendly and cared for everybody's comfort. They distributed a lot of extra munchies. They had real almonds instead of the usual 1/3 ounce peanuts, isn't that wonderful? Lights went off early and stayed that way so that the passengers could easily sleep through the flight. Uneventful flight, and therefore enjoyable."

Cons: "I had chosen 10C in the Comfort+ section of this MD90 plane. I did get my knee bumped more than once. I still like the seat because I can stretch my legs, but people should be aware of the bumping issue; it can be rather painful, and you do not get an apology."

Pros: "Refer to my comments about flight from Chicago to Minneapolis."

Pros: "Flight attendants"

Cons: "Tv wouldn't work and delay that wasn't weather related and the food was awful"

Pros: "The food, comfort and service of Delta One class have continued to excel. Since this was a scheduled late departure and they still offered the full menu, I chose to have only the appetizer portion. This turned out to be a fine soup, salmon salad and multiple extras. This was perfect for an 11:00 PM dinner."

Pros: "The crew was very nice as usual. A bit too many announcements that ran a bit too long. Other than that great folks."

Cons: "No water on the plane so no coffee and no running water in the bathrooms. They did well trying to accommodate but between that and a calibration issue in the cockpit that had us running late it was not the best delta flight I've been on."

Everything went perfectly. Check-in, bag drop, etc. The flight and crew were excellent.

Pros: "The crew was clearly concerned with the covid rules, but just as concerned for passenger's needs. Outstanding performance in difficult circumstances."

Cons: "Drinks!"

Pros: "Good seats, comfortable w headrest adjustable"

Cons: "No turbulence"

Pros: "Yes all good"

Cons: "Nothing I can think on to improve."

Cons: "The flight was delayed."

Pros: "Speedy boarding. Helpful crew."

Cons: "In-flight entertainment"

Pros: "nothing. Plane never left."

Cons: "Airlines that actually fly. We ended up renting a car and driving the 3.5 hours from Charlotte to Savannah and actually beat the flight that finally left after 11 pm and landed 1 am. We should have gotten the car much sooner and driven instead of sitting at the airport for 8 hours."

Cons: "The flight attendant that helped passengers in the main cabin was rude, lacked empathy, and lacked resourcefulness. She argued about throwing away a drink that she poured, didn’t care to explain things to passengers when asked i. e. why charging outlets were not in service, and her tone was rude ..."

Pros: "Boarding process was easy."

Cons: "Different snack options."

Cons: "Potentially of hiccups and things outside of AA control. Better, more comfortable seats would be nice."

Pros: "Landing and take off."

Cons: "Nothing. Everything was great!"

Pros: "Short flight. Connection was gate next door."

Cons: "Seating was for waif midgets."

Pros: "On time"

Pros: "The gate crew and flight crew took extra care of my wife, who has MS and related difficulty walking. They showed great care - very friendly and professional. Pleasant experience all the way through."

Cons: "Seats were a little close together, so my knees were always touching the seat in front of me. Not terrible, but not ideal. I'm 6'1" and my legs are a bit long."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "They forgot to plan a pilot....also the crew was 45 min late"

Pros: "Everyone was super friendly. The plane was clean and comfortable and the food was great for airplane food."

Pros: "Generally, the stewardess are new (slow service), but very kind and considerate."

Cons: "I take this flight quite a lot. These comments are for this flight (MIA/MSP) - but not necessarily only for this exact flight that I took on 10/1. To be clear - the crew says "this is not AA", it is Republic Airlines". Well, they must think of themselves very poorly. Their food in first class is always changing - oh, I meant only the names for the same exact meal change. "Grilled Chicken with Couscous", "Grilled Chicken with Risotto", etc.. - all cold meals as they do not have an oven/microwave? on the plane. They are charging first class international prices for economy domestic service. For this amount of money, they should have better meals and a more modern airplane. The first class is always freezing (even in summer) while the rear cabin where the crew stays when not working, is hot. So if they make the first class happy with the correct temperature, they cook in the back. I have also observed more people than usual coughing and getting colds - both ways - than any of the other flights I take regularly (over 115,000 miles on AA this year). I would suggest that AA make it clear that Republic must offer better service to their customers - especially for the large airfares they are receiving."

Cons: "Flight was delayed 4+ hours due to weather. Gate agents did not communicate well, were rude and not helpful."

Pros: "Short flight"

Cons: "Delayed for some unknown reason"

Pros: "Let's see - I was in first class. The flight itself was fine - and only one hour + late!"

Cons: "Food - Served the "breakfast" (when it was called a protein plate) I had coming (into MSP). for "lunch" on the way back (called it a meat plate for lunch. One slice turkey, one slice jamon, one egg, cinnamon roll and fruit. Just because they don't want to serve bread - they call it a protein plate? I'm not on a protein diet. Food was pretty sick for the amount I paid for the fight. Stewardess said it was against Republic's rules to give a customer a can of tonic water (so I could add to the small amount of vodka) - she also told me that it was against Delta's, American's and United's rules to give a can - strange? First Class seat did not recline. First Class was freezing per every flight on this segment (the stewardesses sit in the back and don't want to be uncomfortable - if they make the front warm - the back is too hot for them (not joking on this one). So many things to list - that I will finish on the AA site."

Cons: "Old, small seats, no tv, no WiFi"

Pros: "We were rerouted through Philadelphia."

Pros: "The crew was very good. The made sure we were informed and helped get people rebooked."

Cons: "We were delayed by about 2 and 1/2 hours. Which I get no one can control a maintenance issue, just made for a hectic day"

Cons: "Flight delays and cancellations."

Pros: "Great service."

Pros: "Good and entertainment"

Cons: "I have short legs so the long flight was uncomfortable. A stop of some sort would helpnif offered"

Pros: "Late..."

Pros: "Boarding staff helped me change to a seat that was suited better for my child and I- I was SO grateful. During the flight, flight staff made sure my child was happy/comfortable which meant a lot to me."

Cons: "The normal things- better cushioned seats with some lumbar for those of us with back/nerve issues; a little wider seat options in economy for heavier people or those with lap infants; Honestly I’m reaching because I was just really happy with my flight/plane/crew service."

Cons: "Took off late from Minneapolis only to announce that there was something wrong with the plane, no explanation as to what but that we had to circle to burn off fuel before returning to Minneapolis. Switched to a flight to D.C. with a connection to get to LGA. As soon as we sat down on that flight an announcement was made that we wouldn't make our connecting flight. Got to D.C. and asked to switch to go into Westchester instead of LGA which we were denied. So changed to another connecting flight to LGA that didn't take off on time. Offered nothing for any of the inconveniences. Etc."

Cons: "eh. not enough space, like most airlines these days. Flight wasn't long enough to hate it though."

Pros: "Wider seats."

Cons: "N/A"

Cons: "I left an expensive Bose head set in my seat that could not be found....or did smobody decide it was better in their possession.?"

Pros: "Price"

Cons: "Arrived 1 hr before my flight and they wouldn't check me in. I believe they overbook the flight and turn customer down. They even gave me hard time during rebooking us. Never again."

Pros: "Great crew. Friendly and reaponsive. Easy boarding."

Cons: "4 hour flight from SFO to Charlotte. No food beyond snacks. No entertainemt options. No electrical outlets."

Cons: "We did not get on this flight because AA's scheduled it 90 minutes after landing from an Int'l flight. Why don't airlines schedule a minimum 3hours between Int'l-domestic connections. half the plane was stressing and freaking out about missing their connection even though the plane landed on time. "AA is not responsible for customs/security delays". Well, your customer service agents would have a lot less work if you didn't have to reschedule 100 people per flight. The time the plane drives/parks at the gate, you get off the plane and make it through customs, get your bag, recheck it (if need be, we didn't this time though), get through security and get to your gate, you'll be the luckiest person in the world to do that in less than 90 minutes."

Pros: "Boarding was easy and flights were on time."

Cons: "Crew could have been a little more friendly and the planes were a bit dated...although I know AA is in the process of replacing their fleet."

Cons: "Flight was cancelled we were re-routed and didn't get there until 24hours later."

Pros: "The flight staff did the best they could for how few of them there were."

Cons: "Flight cancelled, and the gate was understaffed, so it took forever to even get up to the counter to try arranging alternate flights. Also, the Kayak/Webjet tickets we were issued interfered with the process as the airline could not reissue us tickets directly. Moreover, one Kayak & Webjet got actively involved, they even tried to deny us passage on the alternate flights that American Airlines suggested. By the time we did make it up to the desk, everything was taken/full for the next few days & we have been struggling to make our overseas travel even possible ever since."

Pros: "Quick board and exit, fast check-in"

Cons: "Wi-Fi onboard free for all T Mobile customers, cramped seat room for a smaller adult even"

Pros: "Assigned seating, snacks, touch screen media feature."

Cons: "Staff could have been more friendly."

Pros: "The food, in flight entertainment and attention to detail by the Flight Attendants was very good."

Cons: "The personnel handling the front desk at check in gave myself and others bad information about how to check a bag. Which resulted in me being called to the desk at the gate about 30 minutes prior to boarding and being told I screwed up checking my bag when I was just following the instructions given to me. Was then told I had to leave the secure area of the airport, go back to the front to check my bag all within 30 minutes of boarding. when I returned thru the TSA checkpoint they were rude, obviously, but more importantly the flight was boarding early. So you could've 1. told me what the actual procedure is for checking my bag instead of telling me "just leave it by the green lit up check mark then 2. told me at the gate that not only do i need to go fix your mistakes for you but that youd also board my flight early thereby putting me in jeopardy of missing my flight. all i got was a very insincere apology when I complained up front and at the gate about the airline's screw up. i get that you're all human like me and make mistakes but the customer is always right. there was a time in this country when customer appreciation and service were important standards and qualities businesses thrived on. Don't know what happened to those days... Also i should not need to be a first class passenger to get a meal during a flight. whatever happened to meals for everyone? you (all airlines in the US) charge way too much money and provide poor service compared to pre-9-11 days. I dont see how one event can justify the loss in service but the increase in ticket price. you should all get back to what flying should be about: fun and time saving."

Pros: "The flights left on time and arrived early. It reminded me of the old days when everything ran like clock-work."

Cons: "The leg room was barely enough for me and I'm 5'4". I can't imagine people much larger than me being comfortable at all. Also, the chair made my back hurt, so I did a lot of sitting up straight as opposed to being "in the chair". I noticed that you had snacks for purchase on the flight, but the free snacks were cookies and pretzels. It would be nice to offer a trail mix or dried fruit. Pretzels are good for people who might be a little sick at their stomach, but better snacks are a nice option. I ordered coffee and it was perfect. Overall, the flight was a good flight, just a little tweaking and it would be great. Thanks for asking."

Pros: "Friendly and prompt service."

Pros: "Pretzels and drinks."

Cons: "The group's for boarding are ridiculous. The back of the plane should board first and so on... the new plane we flew on had the smallest seats we've ever seen. When we tried to board, the crew would rudely say, it's not your turn. We were flying for a funeral and paid a lot for our tickets. We should be treated with respect. One lady said to put our luggage in the first available compartment, then when we tried, another lady rudely said, if that's not where you're sitting, you can't put your bag there. We were embarrassed and when we tried to explain what we'd been told she told us to keep moving."

Pros: "Crew was nice, drinks"

Cons: "Ended up landing in Oklahoma, no hotel available even with the voucher, no food in airport,"

Pros: "You had genuine people working."

Cons: "Flight was delay for a long time."

Pros: "Crew was friendly. Made the connection!!!! Only made it because arrival and departure gates were adjacent but I was very pleased that they had not closed the doors at 8 minutes before departure time."

Cons: "Long delay to take off caused by: delay in plane arrival, extra security check of carry on baggage due to deplaning passenger, missed time in takeoff queue."

Pros: "My first flight fom MSP to chicago was 25mins early and from Chicago to MCI 5mins early which is good."

Cons: "They changed our gate four times and delayed our flight two hours. Got in after midnight and wasn't able to pick up my rental car."

Pros: "Landed early and everything was just as expected."

Pros: "Everything"

Cons: "Food"

Cons: "We had a 3 hour delay."

Cons: "The usual-- lack of legroom, insufficient recline"

Cons: "Watched a handicap elderly lady put in the middle of economy and a young small healthy male bumped to first class. crew not prioritizing the elderly. With 16" of isle space an eastern crew member tried to push a airline wheelchair down the crowded isle. Treating paying passengers as llivestock"

Pros: "Seem to be a smooth and direct flight"

Cons: "The flight was fine however my seat was next to the bathroom and people would occasionaly Bump in to me ."

Cons: "It was the first of three flights. I was automatically rebooked on a flight that didn’t allow nearly enough time to make my connection. United didn’t want to help because only one of the flights was really theirs. Same with Swiss Air. It was a terrible beginning to my trip. I lost money on shuttle fair since I never went to Minneapolis, too."

Pros: "The flight was unremarkable"

Cons: "The loading was 1hr late because United had to move the plane to the proper gate. No leg space, but that's my 6'-4" body's fault."

Cons: "Good"

Pros: "Loved that I was in the single seat and it was a quick flight"

Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "Great to always feel comfortable while traveling."

Cons: "The legroom is non-existent. I sure wish airlines didn't try to put so many seats in each aircraft."

Pros: "Flight was quick and the flight attendants were nice"

Cons: "I'm 6' tall and my head was above the headrest, so it wasn't super comfortable to lay back."

Cons: "Wi-Fi did t work for most of the flight."

Pros: "Service and respect very good"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "On time, friendly, overall great!"

Pros: "The trip went smoothly and it was on time. The Crew was nice and efficient"

Pros: "The friendliness of the crews."

Cons: "The landing was a little bumpy."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Two hours late!"

Pros: "I liked the savory snack mix."

Cons: "It was not made clear at all that I was buying a basic economy ticket and was not going to be allowed to take a carry on. That was really frustrating."

Pros: "$155 roundtrip cost with limitations described before purchasing tickets. It would be much better to at least be able to take a backpack as a carry-on, but all costs were included in the price except luggage and that was reasonable at $25/bag."

Cons: "Not being able to take a backpack as a carry-on"

Pros: "On time Friendly staffs"

Pros: "Onboard service"

Cons: "The fact that we had to pay extra in order to have room to Cross our legs."

Pros: "The crew was nice and boarding process went smoothly."

Cons: "The inflight entertainment would constantly shut off and not work causing you to restart everything. Also, multiple movies being offered were unavailable.'"

Cons: "There was no provided entertainment"

Pros: "The flight was great. The seat was comfortable, the staff was funny and kind."

Cons: "You need more sparkling water on the flights, LaCroix. Or Dasani, so many people no longer drink diet soda for healthier options, more sparkling beverages would be wonderful."

Pros: "Very nice large roomy airplane"

Pros: "On time, no delays."

Cons: "Delays on delays"

Pros: "Being on time"

Pros: "Room for my luggage"

Pros: "Perfect"

Cons: "I'm disappointed that I had to pay to watch the flight tracker, that it wasn't a free option and I had to be continually subjected to commercials that were irrelevant to me."

Pros: "Seats are to small but fortunately sat directly behind first class and had plenty of leg room. The new entertainment system worked well."

Cons: "Cost too much."

Pros: "The flights were wonderful. Boarding process went smoothly."

Cons: "Flight delayed"

Pros: "I appreciate that United hasn't gotten greedy with baggage charges and has kept their seating comfortable. Last Frontier flight was RIDICULOUS!!"

Pros: "I really like almost everything about flying with Lufthansa."

Cons: "Checking in and obtaining my boarding pass was a less than satisfying experience. Initially I could not check in until arrived at the airport because the first leg of my trip was Lufthansa through United? I tried to check in on BOTH United and lufthansa's website neither worked. I then spent about 45 minutes on the phone with a Lufthansa representitave just to find out I would be unable to check in until I arrived at the airport the next day. Once I checked in to the airport I could only get my seat for the first flight and was told I would have to get my subsequent seats while on layover. When I arrived at my layover, while trying to get my seat for the next flight I was told they were overbooked and I would have to wait 'over there' until they could figure out a place for me to sit. But when the attendant printed my ticket she was shocked to find out I had a seat, and angrily reported that 'I don't know how YOU got a seat, but you did. So go get in line for the flight!' That said, I did get in line, I did get fairly decent seats the whole trip, and all but one employee were overly helpful and nice. However it would have been far less stressful if I was just able to check in for the initial flight."

Cons: "No movies to watch"

Pros: "The other legs of the trip were on time"

Cons: "The second leg of the trip was two hours late which always happens at Chicago Ohare"

Pros: "Love junction airport"

Cons: "DIA is always nice and kayak was a great service and price."

Pros: "It was a good flight."

Cons: "No complaints."

Pros: "Seat too tight couldn't move at all"

Cons: "Seat too tight couldn't move at all"

Cons: "One strange thing happened on my United airlines flight. The crew announced before we boarded that there wasn't enough overhead space for rolling bags and encouraged us to check them in. Upon boarding they announced that all overhead space in the back was full. I sat in the back and noticed that the crew closed the overhead compartments even though they were mostly empty. Another passenger opened an empty one and the crew came over and closed it right away, though many people were still boarding. What's going on?"

Pros: "We got here"

Cons: "Lost luggage"

Pros: "Comfortable seats ,they seem to have a new ergonomic design that make them more comfy . More leg room even in regular economy seating."

Cons: "Staff wasn't very talkative just kinda did the basic beverage service and that's it . Not rude but not overly friendly either . The crews that work for Southwest make you laugh and they're so much more interactive with passengers ."

Pros: "Organized, calm and considerate to travelers."

Cons: "The flight had continual ongoing delays and it was recognized I would not make my connection. United was more than accommodating to the customers in front of me, however when it came to assisting me they were not. I would not get to my final destination until 7 hours after the original time. I will never fly United airlines again."

Cons: "More than two staffed check in counters. Check-in staff with a sense of courtesy and at least understanding og customer respect."

Pros: "Plane was clean, crew was very nice"

Cons: "The most uncomfortable seats I have ever sat in. No cushioning, No seat recline"

Pros: "Everything about the flight was great"

Cons: "The armrests are loose as can be. Millennial parents let their stupid kids lift and slam them non stop. For an airline that is catering to parents with small children, I would rectify this or loose every other customer."

Cons: "No catering and way late"

Pros: "The seats is the worst sets ever. I I’ll never flight flight with Frontier again. They don’t offer at least water to the passengers."

Cons: "Everything!!!!!!!"

Pros: "Great flight. Arrived 45 mins early. Very friendly crew."

Pros: "Exactly on time"

Cons: "The lead flight attendant was RUDE to everyone!!! I’ve been flying for years and have never seen the likes of her behavior on any airline!"

Pros: "Smooth flight"

Cons: "Price was great tilll you go to check in! Extra cost for everthing!!! feels like bait and switch. Will avoid Frontier"

Pros: "The staff was great at doing their best to accommodate us and get us on and off the plane as quickly and efficiently as possible."

Cons: "My flight was delayed by an hour because of a different flight to Colorado Springs that was also delayed, but NO WHERE did it actually say that the flight to Denver would be after the flight to co springs. I have the Frontier app and my boarding time and flight time never changed on my boarding pass, leaving me wondering what the heck was going on for an hour."

Pros: "Newer plane, clean on time"

Cons: "You have to pay for everything but good option for short drips"

Cons: "Flight delayed for 3 hours. terrible communication on flight status and updates. Didn'teven know gate to go to...... very poor exoerience...... will never fly frontier again"

Pros: "Smooth flight. On time."

Cons: "Very tight seating. Seat trays were the size of an iPhone. Seats didn’t recline. 30 rows with 6 per row. Had to pay for pop, water, and coffee."

Pros: "Flight was smooth"

Cons: "Crew did basically nothing but talk among themselves. Didn’t pick up garbage till the last minute. Many passengers took up their own garbage."

Cons: "Second time in a row we've waited in excess of 30 min for luggage at the carousel"

Pros: "Staff were very friendly"

Cons: "Multiple different mechanical issues caused two delays, we deplaned twice and were delayed five + hours. Little communication and a delay of this magnitude significantly impacted travel plans"

Pros: "Crew was super nice"

Cons: "5 hour delay"

Pros: "Stretch seat was ok"

Cons: "No wifi on flight. Extra cost for seat and bag"

Cons: "Seats and traytables are both issues. Uncomfortable and made for a rough trip even with a short flight time"

Cons: "Flight is not on time .l spent. More than two hours"

Cons: "$40 carry on fee, plastic seats, late departure"

Pros: "Friendliness of crew and gate agents, comfortable seats, efficient boarding, On time. Clean aircraft."

Pros: "Flight was ahead of time with no hassles."

Pros: "Everything"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "We got there on time with no issues"

Cons: "Flight was an hour late departing Denver. No explanation. No communication from crew. No apology or recognition from crew that this disrupted or inconvenienced passengers. Flight departing Mspls was delayed 3.5 hours. Again no explanation. No acknowledgement that this was a major disruption to travel plans."

Cons: "I got to airport and flight was cancelled.. frontier couldn't get me on a plane for another 4 days.. I ended having to rent a car and drive the 13 hours to Denver from Minneapolis.. frontier will never get money from me again"

Cons: "Plane was too hot"

Pros: "I made it safely and plane appeared new."

Cons: "Seats thin, tray tiny, upcharge for everything...drink. food, carry on bags, choosing seat. I would prefer these be included in ticket prices. No meals for lunch flight...can buy overpriced snacks only. Carry-on bags more expensive than checked bags."

Pros: "The help desk was very helpful in helping me get the next flight."

Cons: "boarding was slow,. Desk attendants seemed to have to many things to do at once. They could not help effectively. We were delayed in take off. Gate was changed. I did not hear the announcement due to a hearing defect. Sound for announcements cannot be heard well in several places of airport.even at the gate area where i was. In landing we were delayed 45+ min. due to other planes needing repair. It made other fplks late to plans made."

Pros: "Charge for carrying on bag and space between sets are to close"

Cons: "Flight was on time."

Pros: "The crew at MSP were very kind and clearly did their best to make us comfortable"

Cons: "The flight info wasn't clear, the airline didn't keep the website up to date and made it very difficult to know how to proceed."

Pros: "Price"

Cons: "Paying to carry on luggage."

Pros: "it was on time."

Cons: "Flight was delayed about 35 minutes"

Cons: "Delayed two hours. Seats very uncomfortable"

Pros: "Had a medical emergency."

Cons: "Frontier refused to change my flight/reimburse for missed travel due to medical situation"

Cons: "Paid two different prices for checked luggage. Msp to den paid $35, and den to Msp paid $30. Why is that?????"

Cons: "Hard to like when you could have driven to Chicago quicker. Flight delayed 4 hrs resulting in getting in early the next day!"

Pros: "Fast boarding"

Cons: "The overhead compartments were nearly empty. Charging for carry on isn't working. Also no beverage nor peanuts included I feel is a little too far for cost cutting. If you are going to charge for soda why not a realistic price? You might not make a lot of money but your passengers will be happy and you won't be losing money."

Pros: "The crew was nice."

Cons: "All the extra hidden fees were so expensive. It was more than $70 extra just to check in. You have to pay extra for a seat. Carry on bags are $30. Checked bags are $25. Water is $2. If I'd known that the price on the ticket was not the price I would pay I would have flown another airline. It was misleading and dishonest. I'm never flying frontier again."

Cons: "When we arrived at the ticket counter, we were made aware that they do not open until 2 hour before flight time. Being advised to be at security about 3 hours before flight time, this makes no sense. When I went to check in, I then realized we had to pay extra for our seats, check-in bags and carry-on bags. We could have flown a major airline direct for the same price after all of the add-ons. Then being charged for coffee and pop. Seats are VERY uncomfortable!"

Pros: "It was just a typical flight."

Cons: "There was no entertainment. Also no free beverage."

Pros: "Thank you very much for policing the size and weight of the carry on luggage. Making people pay certainly makes a flight more enjoyable."

Pros: "Simply everything went smooth. Flight attendants were professional. Seating was OK ... a bit spartan ... but OK ... at least it was very clean."

Pros: "The ease of getting through the airport and security."

Cons: "The seats were a little small"

Pros: "That it was a short direct flight."

Cons: "People are packed into the plane like sardines. There is very little room. It is often hot until the flight gets going."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Everything."

Pros: "everything went smooth"

Pros: "The price"

Cons: "The fact that I waited over 45 min to get my luggage in Orlando, and I showed up early in MSP and no one was working the counter until an hour before the flight departed"

Pros: "Quick boarding Nice crew"

Cons: "Check in extremely slow Checkin crew 15 min late"

Pros: "Quick boarding and flight"

Cons: "Uncomfortable seats, no WiFi"

Pros: "Very helpful nice staff"

Cons: "Baggage fees too high"

Pros: "It's cheap"

Cons: "Extra costs for everything"

Pros: "On time"

Cons: "A bit bumpy, but that's not your fault."

Pros: "On time arrivals even late departure."

Cons: "Cramped! TOO SMALL. Packed like Sardines. Gotta pay for everything. Even AIR! Horrible experience. Will not fly again."

Pros: "The flight was on time"

Cons: "The service was horrible, the airline couldn't even offer a complimentary drink, the seats were uncomfortable. The staff was rude."

Pros: "On time, very good price."

Cons: "Cramped seating. Would only go on Spirit for flights of 2 hours or less."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "The people were rude , the plane was an hour late didn't arrive until 1:00 am in the morning , had to pay $3.00 for a bottle of water . The ride there was late we had to sit on the tarmac for 30 min ... waiting for rain to stop .. have to pay for a seat it's the price of luggage is outrageous to pay to bring your cloths . My suitcase was three lbs over and I was so embarrassed having to open my suitcase in front of everyone and keep taking more and more cloths out ! I usually fly southwest which to me is the best airline ever ! My granddaughter booked my flight with spirit ! It was the most worst flight I've ever taken ..I hope I never have to fly again with your airline again ! Bad rating from me all over !!! I fly a lot as I have family all over the US but hopefully this will be the last with Spirit"

Pros: "Crew was nice"

Cons: "They emailed me all night every hour changing the flight time from 6:00 am to 10:30 am and back so it kept me all night up. That is way too informal. The flight was 5 hours late. They charged me $100 for a tiny suitcase. So not worth it. Never using this airline again."

Cons: "Delayed flight and 55$ for a normal carry on is bull"

Cons: "Seriously the worst baggage fees in the industry. Never again."

Pros: "The flight itself was good. Uneventful except for slight turbulence. We made good time. Crew was polite and cheerful."

Cons: "The flight attendants were letting zone 4 board when they had only called 1,2,3. Why have zones if they let anyone on at any time? We're not flying southwest. The worst was the awful stench of exhaust fumes that filled the cabin as we sat on the tarmac before takeoff. It was horrible and upset everyone around us. Of course the seats were cramped, but that's what you get when flying budget airlines."

Pros: "Always have problems with this airline"

Pros: "The flight was delayed two hours. When we landed at our destination, we had to wait for over an hour to dock."

Pros: "Almost 30 minutes early and on time departure"

Cons: "It was cold.. glad I had a jacket!!"

Pros: "Nothing."

Cons: "They should not be in business. Total scam."

Pros: "Room"

Cons: "All the delays"

Pros: "Short flight, nice crew, smooth journey"

Cons: "Uncomfortable seating"

Pros: "Everything went smoothly at a very reasonable $200 less than others"

Cons: "The seat cannot decline. Lol i'm glad that they have direct flight."

Pros: "I like that they were the only ones that had a nonstop flight to Atlanta."

Cons: "They wouldn't accept cash when I wanted to purchase water to drink, they don't offer courtesy water, no food unless you own a card, the seats are very uncomfortable!!!"

Pros: "Horrid airline."

Cons: "Rotten"

Pros: "The crew was ok..."

Cons: "MSP...Slowest...Security...EVER...$57 for a carry on? NO leg room, no reclining...I'll DEFINITELY rethink paying for the seat upgrade..."

Pros: "The round trip cost all in one day"

Cons: "No issues"

Pros: "It was on time"

Cons: "N/a"

Pros: "It was a very cheap and fast flight."

Cons: "It was a pretty bumpy ride, nothing the crew could do about that."

Pros: "Flight delayed several hours - and the new departure time changed several times - due to a pilot rest requirement in Detroit where the plan was originally. Otherwise flight was fine -- cabin crew very pleasant."

Pros: "That I didn't choose this airline for a longer flight."

Cons: "Everything. Charged for anything and everything. Don't be fooled by the low price... these are the cattle herders of the sky. Seats that don't recline, charged for a basic carry on and no water unless you pay for it? What a joke. Avoid at all costs. Would have gladly paid hundreds more for my ticket to avoid this experience."

Pros: "On time"

Cons: "Stewardess is rude. Seat not comfortable ."

Pros: "Clean, cheap, bare fare possible if you're a good packer."

Cons: "Flights were delayed both ways."

Pros: "The crew was a delight! Very entertaining."

Cons: "The extra fees. The lack of legroom. The charge for water. That, in particular, seems chintzy."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Charges extra for luggage"

Cons: "Couldn't go on the flight. Developed kidney stone the night before."

Pros: "Crew was professional and friendly."

Cons: "Seats really uncomfortable, can't be adjusted."

Pros: "First time flying it was a nice smooth process from the time I showed up at the airport to the time I touched down in the next city. Had some nice conversation between two attractive girls with my randomly assigned seat. The staff of flight attendants were very friendly and had great senses of humor."

Cons: "I ended up taking a bag that was larger than the pictured carry on size on my return flight - but on the flight to Chicago I had to pay for bag check (52.00). Had I known I wouldve just used a slightly smaller bag."

Pros: "Cheap"

Cons: "Not on time"

Pros: "On time"

Cons: "No recline"

Pros: "On time.. seat was ok. Check in at MSP was fast. Boarding smooth."

Pros: "Nothing to like about this airline except maybe the pilots."

Cons: "Same garbage treatment as Baltimore to Minneapolis"

Pros: "They don't play games. When is time to go, they go."

Cons: "The luggage prizes. They should be a little more accommodating"

Pros: "I had the big comfy seat in the front, always a great value. However if you are reading this and thinking about trying the big seat then I say, the seats suck. You should save your money and stay in the back. Wouldn't want everybody trying to set in the big seats so next time I fly they would already be talen. If I can keep it a secret there is a better chance of my getting one on my next flight."

Pros: "Clean, bare bones, simple"

Cons: "The price of this flight wasn't cheaper than others I've gotten."

Pros: "Nothing."

Cons: "Spend a little more and fly a different airline. Spirit has no regard for their customer's time."

Cons: "The take off time and delay"

Pros: "It was a smooth flight and everything was on time. My seat was not uncomfortable."

Cons: "I don't fly Spirit that much but what I saw looked good, on time at both stops and I especially liked getting on board early as opposed to waiting until 15 minutes before the plane takes off. What I didn't care for, but what I now understand is all the extra specific charges they continue to bombard you with are really charges you don't need. Bottom line for me is that I think I spent more money because I purchased other things and the final price that I paid was MORE then my the conventional favored airline! I will fly Spirit in the future."

Cons: "Flight delay of three hours was not quick about letting passengers know. Checked bags and carry on bags cost over 50 each. The weight limit was 40 lbs not 50 which was an additional 25 dollars at minimum. Flew with spirit for a discounted flight rate will not fly again because after all the money for bags it cost more than delta which has free bags and complimentary snacks and drinks"

Pros: "I traveled to FLL for a Spirit FA interview and was hired! On the flight there, flight ops and in-flight services made great accommodations because the flight had a 2 hour and 30 minute delay. They moved me to the front of the aircraft to expedite my deplaning process and arranged for a taxi to take me to the interview! I have never had a better flight experience!"

Cons: "Both my flights were delayed but the in-flight and flight ops team made every effort to make sure I got to where I needed to be when I needed to be there. I genuinely had a fantastic flight experience."

Pros: "nothing"

Cons: "Just about everything"

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