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Pasadena florist: Orders reflect people’s isolation in pandemic - Houston Chronicle

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

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Wright has seen the impact of COVID-19. Rules for funeral services have fluctuated to reflect pandemic conditions, but orders to Wright’s shop have remained steady. “There are more people sending flowers,” Wright said. “That’s the way they’re expressing themselves because they’re not able to attend; so we’ve been very, very busy.” Like restaurants offering curbside and other businesses going online, Wright has found a way to survive during an unpredictable business climate. The need to say it with flowers, Wright said, has become more pronounced. “People want you to know that they’re thinking about you,” she said. Vaccine Tracker:How many Texans are vaccinated? Check our interactive map. People are also looking for other means to connect. “People are so excited nowadays to get flowers,” Wright said. Sometimes the delivery becomes a welcome break for those customers just wanting to come out of their pandemic seclusion, especially older people, homebound and alone. “Older people are very afraid of COVID,” Wright said. “They are just very careful … and we want to keep a distance, but when we go deliver they’ll follow us and not let us get back in our car, because they’re lonely, they want to talk and have some kind of interaction.” Heartfelt messages on cards Wright said it’s those longer messages on cards and the personal stories from customers that drive home the emotional toll the pandemic has had on people. “When someone orders a casket cover and they tell you that their husband died alone because they couldn’t come in (to the hospital room) — that gives you goosebumps,” she said. That order, Wright said, becomes part of the grieving process in a way that’s different than before. Enchanted Florist arranger Gloria Cervantes sees the difference, too. She had always taken pride in her work, but now, like Wright, Cervantes finds greater gratification in her role as messenger. Her arrangements fill a void, she said. “We feel a lot of people are lonely now, and then for those people who can’t go to a family member’s funeral, they feel helpless and sad because they can’t be there,” Cervantes said. “With flowers, it’s a way for us to help them express their affection and love.” Wright started her business because she just loved flowers, but she also felt a calling to be provide a source of comfort or to convey joy. “This year has made what we do more meaningful,” she said. “I take it very personal and try to do the very best with every order that comes in. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/neighborhood/pasadena/news/article/Pasadena-florist-Orders-reflect-people-s-15896107.php

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Florists keep busy during pandemic | News, Sports, Jobs - Minot Daily News

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

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Susan Bartz of Harvey and Keller’s sister Regina Martin of Cookson, Okla. – in the project.Submitted PhotoPeony Petals in Kenmare has remained busy despite pandemic restrictions.The plan was for each business to donate the typical cost of a bouquet. Keller got the ball rolling when she decided to pay for 25 herself. Because it was such a good cause, Keller received donations of up to $300 per business.“Our project received such a good response from the community, especially those in the nursing homes whose family aren’t able to visit. I received so many phone calls from families who wondered where these beautiful arrangements came from. Each flower came with a card that read, ‘We want to make your day better,’ and I listed all of the businesses that helped me do that,” Keller said.Including herself, Perfect Petals, two full-time employees, two part-timers, and two volunteers created 80 bouquets the first week, sending some to nursing homes. The following week, they created 20 more giant bouquets for each department in the hospital as a token of appreciation.“Engaging through signs outside of their parents’ and grandparents’ windows, people started realizing that their loved ones became lonely, so orders for flowers began to flow. After about three weeks, my business began to recover,” Keller said.After 60 days of coronavirus restrictions, Perfect Petals re-opened its doors to the public last Friday. Current store hours are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.Like Keller, Tami Chrest of Peony Petals Floral & Gifts in Kenmare said her company felt the impact of the pandemic, but in a good way. She said they had some excellent days regarding production and traffic for online orders.“Mother’s Day and Easter were good,” said Chrest. “We’ve been closed, so we didn’t have foot traffic in here, but we kept busy with curbside pickup and deliveries. If the customers ordered online for store pickup, I would practice non-contact curbside pickup for their safety and ours.”As the owner, she’s predominantly a soloist, but during busy times like holidays and special events, Chrest employs eight to 10 people. Current hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.Like most business establishments, Peony Petals’ store hours changed due to the pandemic. “We kept our do... https://www.minotdailynews.com/life/business/2020/05/florists-keep-busy-during-pandemic/

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Valentine's Day flowers increase in price 'because of Brexit' - Metro.co.uk

Sunday, February 28, 2021

(Video) Riverdale Cemetery in Lewiston overgrown with weeds, families complain about maintenance neglect

Valentine’s Day have been pre-ordered at least a couple of months in advance,’ they added.‘Regardless of the fact that prices have gone up on other varieties, the price of red roses has remained pretty steady because of the pre-ordering.’Get in touch with our news team by emailing us at webnews@metro.co.uk.For more stories like this, check our news page.Advertisementdiv class="ad-slot... https://metro.co.uk/2021/02/10/valentines-day-flowers-increase-in-price-because-of-brexit-14058154/

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Part & Parcel: Kara Hammett - Canton Repository

Sunday, February 28, 2021

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She’s the most talented baker I’ve ever met,” Hammett said.When West Point Market’s West Market Street location closed in 2015, Hammett and Bergquist went to work at different bakeries but still remained close friends.It was Hammett who approached Bergquist about opening their own bakery.“There’s no way I could open a bakery without you,” Hammett recalls telling Bergquist.Bergquist was reluctant but eventually warmed to the idea that they could create something no one else was offering.They first searched for a location in the Akron area, but none of the locations were ideal or were too expensive.Hammett, who had moved to Jackson Townshipin 2016 to be closer to her then-husband’s job, spotted the former Karma Café location at 4339 Dressler Road NW while driving around the area to familiarize herself.“I remember passing the coffee shop and thought, ‘Oh my gosh,’ ” Hammett recalled. “We knew we wanted an open concept bakery. It had all these windows, and it was a huge open space. I said, ‘Brittany, this is perfect.’ ”They opened Studio Bakery on September5, 2018, offering made-from-scratch cookies, cakes, cupcakes and other sweets using all of their own recipes.Hammett says one way toeasily spot a Studio Bakery treat is by its flowers.“Most cake decorators, like artists in general, they have a style,” she said. “… The flowers are (my) signature. The way they are on the cake and on the cake board.”She uses a technique she picked up from another bakery and altered to fit her style. Hammett hopes to add the very challenging gum paste flowers to her repertoire soon.Hammett’s local favorites:Most memorable spot:Canton Museum of Art. “I was able to go to the exhibit about working moms (Crowns: Crossing into Motherhood). It moved me. They talked about motherhood and balancing being artists and being mothers. I just resonated with it. I’m a mother of three boys, and finding yourself and keeping yourself when you transition into motherhood is very difficult. I was crying because it hit me in a way that nobody really talks about.”Favorite place to shoplocally:Anew Room. “It’s a really cool spot. We bought a house here this year, and we purchased pictures and some furniture from there. I got a really cool piece of art from a Jackson High School student from there. They have some very unusual things because they come from people’s homes. You’re not going to find the same thing twice when you go there.”Favorite lunch spot:The Twisted Olive. “It’s pretty there. The dining rooms are nice, and the service is always really good and the food is really good.The gr... https://www.cantonrep.com/story/lifestyle/food/2021/02/09/studio-bakery-co-owner-kara-hammett-shares-her-local-favorites/4074529001/

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