Native American Names & Meanings | 100 Native & Tribal Names (2022)

Native American Names & Meanings | 100 Native & Tribal Names (1)

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Native American names for your baby-to-be!

All new parents know naming your child is one of the hardest decisions you'll probably ever have to make. If you're unsure of which direction to go, consider Native American names—they're unique, and they often carry powerful, sentimental, and beautiful meanings. Anyone with an American Indian background can pay the ultimate homage to their heritage by giving their child a classic Native American name.

Regardless of whether you have Native American ancestral ties, it's worth noting that many of these names can represent a particular word or phrase, while others are specific to a Native tribe or region. Additionally, some of these names are pronounced differently depending on the region in which they originated. So be sure to learn the correct pronunciation out of respect for each indigenous culture.

Once you've condensed your ideas to a shortlist of contenders, try pairing each name with the baby's last name to see if they flow well, phonetically. After all, it'd be a shame to settle on the perfect first name, only to find that it sounds awkward and clumsy when placed in front of a middle name or surname.

Here are some tips to apply when choosing a baby name:

  • Read the name out loud: Your voice and your ears are your best friends here. Does your selected name smoothly roll off the tongue? Or does it trip you up? Short first names generally pair better with longer last names and vice versa. Think along the lines of “Amy Volkanovski” or “Bartholomew Jones.” As a general rule of thumb, names with lots of vowels are harder to pair with last names. However, like choosing names in general, it's all a matter of personal preference.
  • Avoid all rhyming names: Rhyming the first and last name of a child might seem like a fun choice at first, but there's a time and place for everything. And your child's name is sacred ground. Not to mention, children can be cruel to each other, and names that rhyme often serve as the perfect fuel for teasing and belittling. So while it's harmless to daydream about what it might be like to name your kid “Jacy Lacey,” do your child a solid and go a different route.
  • Double-check the initials: After you've settled on a name, always check the initials for your child. Again, you don't want to give your child a great name whose initials happen to form an embarrassing acronym. For instance, Mika Angela Nicholas spells “MAN.” Don't do that to your poor daughter.

Keep reading for 100 unique Native American baby names for boys and girls…

And if you're looking for shower gifts, be sure to check our Native American Baby Gift Guide!

These 100 names are all excellent options for your coming baby girl or boy. They're surging in popularity, but still unique enough to suit your one-of-a-kind bundle of joy. Take a look and remember to bookmark this page to revisit your favorite names!

Native American Girl Names

Native American Names & Meanings | 100 Native & Tribal Names (2)

Algonquian Tribe

The Algonquian name means “mountain.” Usually, it's a girl's name, though it bears a strong resemblance to the name of the Norse God, Odin.

This Native American baby girl's name means “fairy.”

Cherokee Tribe

One of the most popular names for girls, Aiyana means “forever flowering.”

A Cherokee Native American girl's name that means “attractive.”

Chippewa Tribe

This unique name is a Chippewa girl name that means “grandmother or daughter of the moon.”

Choctaw Tribe

A beautiful girl's name that means “leaping water.”

A Native American girl name increasing in popularity that translates to “deer.” Notably, theMonster High fashion doll series introduced a character in 2015 inspired by the Deer Woman myth. Her name is Isi Dawndancer.

Coo Tribe

A charming name that means “she plays all the time.”

Hopi Tribe

A Native American girl name that translates into “warrior mother spirit.”

A Native American girl name that means “spirit.”

A girl name from the Hopi that means “clear water.”

A Hopi girl name that means “time of the winter solstice.” For that reason, Soyala would make an excellent name for a baby whose due date falls on or around Dec. 21.

A strong Hopi name that means “guardian of the people.”

(Video) How Navajo People Get Their "Indian Name"

A girl name originating from the Hopi meaning “crown.”

A short Hopi girl name that means “dance.”

A Hopi Tribe girl name that translates into “remember.”

Inuktitut Tribe

A popular name among Native Americans that means “sweet.”

Iroquois Tribe

A mystical Native American girl name that means “magic power.”

Omaha Tribe

A common Native American girl name that means “new moon or coming moon.”

This girl's name means “visible sun.”

A girl name that means “wind.”

A Native American girl name growing in popularity that means “useful.”

Pamunkey Tribe

Arguably the most famous Native American name, it means “playful one.” If you're other strong Native American females for inspiration, check out our post “20 Native American Women You Should Know.”

Shoshone Tribe

Another famous name on the list. It means “bird woman.” An alternative spelling for this name is Sacagawea.

Sioux Tribe

Just like the Academy Award-nominated actress Winona Ryder, this Sioux name means “the first daughter.”

Makawee means “generous, abundant, freely giving and motherly” in Sioux.

A Sioux girl name means “swain maiden” or “graceful.”

This Sioux name translates to “dancing girl.”

A Native American girl's name that means “mystic.”

A Sioux girl's name that means “jingle like little bells.”

A short girl's name popular among many Native Americans that means “woman.”

Zuni Tribe

This three-letter name from the Zuni tribe means “beautiful.” It is, indeed, among the most beautiful Native American baby names.

A short Zuni tribe girl name that means “seed.”

Unknown Tribal Affiliation

If you like shorter names, Bly is a beautiful Native American girl's name meaning “tall or high.”

A beautiful girl name with an even more beautiful meaning. Chenoa means “white dove.”

A Native American female name that's growing in popularity. It means “magnolia.”

Halona is a Native American baby girl name meaning “fortune.”

If you have a little girl in the winter, maybe name her Istas. It means “snow.”

This is one of the most popular Native American baby names, but it's common and growing in popularity in other cultures as well. It means “mighty or fire.” Famous Ninas? A lot of choices here, but we like Nina Dobrev, the Canadian actress who rose to prominence on the series “Degrassi: The Next Generation” and later on the CW's supernatural drama series “The Vampire Diaries.”

(Video) How Did Southern Native American Tribes Get Their Names?

This stunning girl name literally means “beautiful.”

Shysie is a girl's name that means “silent little one.” It's one of the more unique Native American baby names on this list.

A lovely Native American girl name that means “new moon.”

A girl name that's riding a wave of popularity. It translates into “pheasant.”

A Native American baby name that means “rich.”

A girl's name that means “pretty flower.” It's among the most lovely, memorable Native American baby names.

Native American Boy Names

Native American Names & Meanings | 100 Native & Tribal Names (3)

Algonquian Tribe

A Native American boy's name that means “East wind.”

Apache Tribe

Cochise means “Renowned warrior chief of the Chiricahua Apache.” It's one of the more powerful Apache names for a little boy.

Blackfoot Tribe

Jacy is a common male Blackfoot name meaning “the moon.”

Chinook Tribe

A strong name for a boy, Tyee means “chief, leader, or big and superior.”

Cherokee Tribe

A Native American boy's name that means “spring frog.”

Cheyenne Tribe

A Cheyenne boy name that means “chief.”

Dakota Tribe

An adorable name for a little boy. Tokala means “fox.”

A Native American boy name that means “sage.”

Hopi Tribe

This cool boy's name means “spirit warrior.”

This cute boy's name means “sparrow” in Hopi.

This Native American boy's name means “one who follows orders.”

A Hopi tribe boy name that means “sun.”

A Native American boy name that translates to “warrior spirit who sings.”

A Hopi tribe boy's name meaning “one who brings.”

Lushootseed Tribe

Just like the city, it means “man of high status.” Not a common name yet, but could easily grow in popularity in coming years.

Mandan Tribe

This sweet-sounding boy name means “bear.”

Miwok Tribe

Another unique boy name. Kosumi means “fishes for salmon with a spear.”

A Native American boy name that translates into “rippling water.”

Hawaiian Tribe

Nahele is a boy name that means “forest.”

(Video) U.S States Named After Native American Names

Navajo Tribe

Adriel is a Native American baby name that means “beaver or symbol of skill.”

While this name may sound different to some, it's a male Navajo name meaning “he is strong.”

A male Navajo name that means “brother.”

A Native American boy name that means “raven” in Navajo.

Puyallup Tribe

This male name means “giver of the water.” It's strong, memorable and also growing in popularity.

Sauk Tribe

A solid boy's name meaning “one who is alert and watchful.”

Sioux Tribe

Similar to Clayton, this popular name for boys means “falcon.”

A Sioux name for boys that means “appears bravely.”

Wapi is a male Sioux name that means “lucky.”

A Native American boy name meaning “winner.”

A boy name coming from the Sioux tribe meaning “fire.”

A Sioux tribe boy name that translates to “red thunder.”

A Sioux tribe boy name that means “large deer.”

A Native American baby name for boys meaning “sacred.” Think first two syllables of “Wakanda,” the fictional country in the Marvel blockbuster “The Black Panther.”

Laguna Tribe

A Native American boy name that means “young eagle.”

Zuni Tribe

Elu is a boy's name of Zuni origin that means “full of grace.” It's one of only a handful of our Native American baby names with just three letters.

A Native American name from the Zuni Tribe that means “cloud.”

Unknown Tribal Affiliation

Another firm male name, Dasan means “chief.”

This boy's name of unknown origin means “above or high place.”

A boy name of unknown origin that means “he who wrestles.” If you settle on this name for your boy, prepare for a handful.

This popular male name of unknown origin means “friend.”

Paco is a male name of unknown origin meaning “eagle.”

This is one of the more uncommon Native American baby names for boys. It means “fire maker” (unknown origin).

A Native American boy name of unknown origin that translates to “amazing.”

This Native name for boys is equal parts beautiful and stoic. It translates to “walks without sound.”

One of the more familiar-sounding Native American baby names due to its similarity to the Norse God, Odin, this boy's name of unknown origin that means “wind.”

(Video) 10 Indian Tribes You Are Calling by the Wrong Names

This name, which means “new,” is also an astronomical term for a star that suddenly increases in brightness, then fades.

Native American Unisex Names

Native American Names & Meanings | 100 Native & Tribal Names (4)

Algonquian Tribe


Shawney is a variant of the name of the Algonquian tribe name “Shawnee.” It works for both the masculine and feminine.

Cherokee Tribe

Onacona means “white owl” in Cherokee. It's believed that Cherokee people have always held owls in high regard. The predatory bird appears in differing contexts within Cherokee lore. According to several sources, the screech owlwas often a messenger of future events.

Chippewa Tribe

This name is a variation of Cheyanne that means “sight of day.” Coincidentally, Abedabun flutes are also growing in popularity.

Chumash Tribe

This stunning name means “valley of the wind.” This one will sound familiar if you live in Southern California, which is home to Simi Valley, a city located in the southeast corner of Ventura County.

Navajo Tribe

This Navajo baby name is ultra popular now. It means “willow tree” in Navajo. One of the most high-profile individuals to bear the name is Kai Kara-France, a New Zealand professional mixed martial artist, who currently fights in the flyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Sioux Tribe

Dakota is one of the most popular Native American baby names for both male and female babies across America. This name means “friend.” The most famous Dakotas are most certainly Dakota Johnson, the actress, producer and model, best known for her starring role in the “Fifty Shades” film series, and Dakota Fanning, another actress, who rose to prominence at the age of seven for her performance as Lucy Dawson in the dramatic film “I Am Sam.”

Mika is often used for both boys and girls; the name means “rabbit.”

Rearrange the letters in the name “Dakota” (also on this list) and you get this unisex name, which means “friend to all.”

Though many first names with a lot of vowels tend to not pair as well with last names, we consider the name Weayaya an exception. This Sioux tribe name for boys or girls means “setting sun” or simply “sunset.”

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What name means warrior in Native American? ›

Pallaton is a Native American name that means “warrior or fighter.”

What Native American name means peace? ›

Aquene, pronounced Ah-keen-ah, is a Native American word for "peace." Sources say it's a female name used by the Algonquin tribe.

What is a good Native American dog name? ›

Native American Tribes That Make Pretty Dog Names
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Apr 22, 2022

What is the Native American name for beautiful? ›

Hurit. Hurit is a Native American word meaning “beautiful.”

How do you say love in Native American? ›


What is the Native American word for wolf? ›

'Wa ya,' is the Cherokee word for wolf. 'Wa ha ya,' is also a Cherokee word for wolf. In the Cherokee language when we hear a wolf howl, we say, 'wa ya ni ga we'; and we add 'wa ya ni' (he is calling).

What is a powerful name for a boy? ›

Strong Boy Names and Meanings
AlexanderDefender of manGreek
AndrewManly and powerfulGreek
10 more rows

What is the most rare name for a boy? ›

The rarest baby boy name is Rome, but other rare baby boy names include Chester, Henley, and Maynard. Finding a rare baby boy name means discovering a unique fit for your little one.

What name means gift from God? ›

Mikelle – or Mikell, meaning "a gift from God."

What name means bringer of joy? ›

Beatrice (f) - (Latin origin) Means "bringer of joy".

What name means peaceful warrior? ›


The English name Humphrey means peaceful warrior.

How do you find out if you have Indian bloodline? › Publishes a downloadable Guide to Tracing Your Indian Ancestry. Has a vast online library, Tracing Native American Family Roots. Provides the online tribal directory where contact information for specific tribes can be found.

What percentage do you have to be to be a Native American? ›

Most tribes require a specific percentage of Native “blood,” called blood quantum, in addition to being able to document which tribal member you descend from. Some tribes require as much as 25% Native heritage, and most require at least 1/16th Native heritage, which is one great-great grandparent.

What are some Cherokee Indian last names? ›

Here are the most common Cherokee surnames.
  • Awiakta.
  • Catawnee.
  • Colagnee.
  • Culstee.
  • Ghigau.
  • Kanoska.
  • Lisenbe.
  • Nelowie.

What did Indians name their dogs? ›

Animal Spirit Dog Names From Indigenous Languages
NameTribe or LanguageMeaning
12 more rows
Jun 9, 2022

What is the Navajo name for dog? ›

Also shortened to just łééchąą', the Navajo word łééchąą'í refers to domesticated dogs.

What is the Native American word for hope? ›

Sihasin means “hope” in the Navajo language.

How do Natives get their names? ›

Native American naming traditions vary depending on each particular tribe. Typically, they are derived from nature, represented by an animal symbolizing desirable characteristics or a certain trait. A Native American name gives us an insight into the personality of the one who possesses it.

What is a Native American girl called? ›

In most colonial texts squaw was used as a general word for Indigenous women.

What were common Aztec names? ›

Aztec Baby Names
  • Atl.
  • Aztec.
  • Camaxtli.
  • Citlalli.
  • Coaxoch.
  • Coyote.
  • Coyotl.
  • Cozcatl.

What are some Navajo last names? ›

  • Yazzie.
  • Tso.
  • Begay.
  • Chee.
  • Nez.
  • Benally.
  • Peshlakai.
  • Etsiddy.

What is the difference between Native American and American Indian? ›

Generally speaking, both “American Indian” and “Native American” are OK to use. Both refer to the Indigenous peoples of America. That said, the best term to use in a given situation usually comes down to preference — not your personal preference, but the preference of the person you're speaking with.

How do you know what your spirit name is? ›

how to find your SPIRIT NAME #shorts - YouTube

What is your name in Cherokee? ›

Let's Talk Cherokee: Season 1, Episode 2 - YouTube

How do you say love in Native American? ›


What is the Native American word for beautiful? ›

Hurit. Hurit is a Native American word meaning “beautiful.”

What does squaw mean? ›

Definition of squaw

1 offensive : an Indigenous woman of North America. 2 dated, disparaging + offensive : woman, wife.

What is a Mayan name? ›

What are some common Mayan names? Aapo: Meaning “father of many nations”, Aapo has become very popular in recent years. Although usually a boys' name, it can also be used for girls. Colel: A girls' name, Colel was the goddess of the bees. Dacey: This gender-neutral name means “adored”.

What is an Aztec warrior called? ›

Eagle warriors or eagle knights were a special class of infantry soldier in the Aztec army, one of the two leading military special forces orders in Aztec society, the other being the Jaguar warriors. They were a type of Aztec warrior called a cuāuhocēlōtl.

How do you find out if you have Indian bloodline? › Publishes a downloadable Guide to Tracing Your Indian Ancestry. Has a vast online library, Tracing Native American Family Roots. Provides the online tribal directory where contact information for specific tribes can be found.

How can you tell if your Native American? ›

A DNA test can act as a very helpful tool when looking into your ancestry, in particular, if you have Native American ancestry, but there exist other ways of looking into your ancestral past too. For people researching the potential of a Native American past, you can: Look at available immigration or census records.

How do I know if I have Cherokee blood? ›

The Cherokee Heritage Center has a genealogist available to assist in researching Cherokee ancestry for a fee. Call 918-456-6007 visit If you need further genealogy assistance at other times, the Muskogee Public Library, 801 West Okmulgee in Muskogee, Okla., may be able to help.


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