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Alyssa H. | Odessa, FL

$10-50/hr • 3 yrs exp 26 yrs old



I am a single mom of a 4-year-old boy! I am looking to make some extra cash to start preparing for buying a house next year. I am CPR certified. I have my own transpiration.I'd describe my personality as...

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Jennifer S. | Front Royal, VA

$10-50/hr • 4 yrs exp 36 yrs old



I'd describe my personality as loving, caring, and nurturing.I started working with kids for about 5 years.Most of the Children are from newborn-middle school age. I have a lot of experience special...

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Emanuelle T. | Cranford, NJ

$20-50/hr • 1 yrs exp 20 yrs old

Taking Care With Love And Respect



Hello, my name is Emanuelle. I love taking care of children, I am attentive, patient and I love to play with them. I like to help in everything that is needed, I will always do my best and I will always be...

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Cheryl C. | Laguna Niguel, CA

$18-50/hr • 20 yrs exp 56 yrs old



I am a married mom of two teenagers. I was a public elementary school teacher for many years. I have tutored children of all ages. I have always enjoyed working with kids! I love traveling when I can. My two...

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Diamond D. | Trenton, NJ

$20-50/hr • 6 yrs exp 25 yrs old

About Me



I'd describe my personality as energetic, bubbly and friendly.I like working with kids because it's always a fun time. And I love to watch kids learn and grow. They learn something new everyday and can also...

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Jamie E. | Auburn, CA

<$10/hr • 1 yrs exp 24 yrs old

Hey There I'm Jamie!



I'd describe my personality as open-minded, organized & quirky!I like working with kids because they have such a genuine outlook on the worldIn my spare time, I like to enjoy being outside whether that's...

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Summer P. | Maple Heights, OH

$18-50/hr • 3 yrs exp 19 yrs old



Hi I'm an auntie of 16, I've already had an account so I'm not new to this and I love kids and I'm very patience with kidsI'm 18 fresh out of high school I went to Cleveland central catholic and I'm also...

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Priscilla P. | Perris, CA

$17-22/hr • 1 yrs exp 20 yrs old



I have been working at an after school program for 1 year where I worked with kid as young as 4 to kids as old as 12 .During my time with the after school program I learned just how amazing it is to work with...

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Tenzin P. | El Cerrito, CA

$22-50/hr • 10 yrs exp 38 yrs old

I Am Tenzin I Am Easy Going Love Nature .



Hi there I am Tenxin I am from Tibet I am well experienced nanny with reference I am currently looking for full time position looking forward

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Alma R. | Annandale, NJ

$8-50/hr • 3 yrs exp 23 yrs old



I'd describe my personality as shy, kind, and patient.I'm looking for a job that is flexible with my hours and understanding.I started working with kids as a paid job since I was 17 but I have always...

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Taylah T. | Ogden, UT

$20-50/hr • 4 yrs exp 22 yrs old

Nanny Info



The last family I worked for had four lovely children age range from 11-Month-old - 12 yrs old.They were on the spectrum and needed help with home schooling. I worked full time and also helped with cleaning,...

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Larissa J. | Aurora, CO

$16-50/hr • 10 yrs exp 26 yrs old



I'm an experienced nanny! 12+ years. I'm a giant kid! I used to be a full time nanny, then I took time off. I now work in mental health but miss nannying, so I'm getting back into it!I have a reliable vehicle...

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Jacob G. | Columbus, OH

$16-50/hr • 5 yrs exp 24 yrs old



I'd describe my personality as fun, upbeat, and fair!In my spare time, I like to spend time with family and friends.

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Victoria S. | Haiku, HI

$25-50/hr • 5 yrs exp 23 yrs old

Aloha,I Would Love To Help In Anyway I Can And To Create Beautiful Experiences.



I'd describe my personality as outgoing, earth friendly and empathicI like working with kids because we can go on adventures, be playful and have fun all day!I'm looking for a job that is consistent, pays...

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Susan H. | Minneapolis, MN

$30-36/hr • 10 yrs exp 62 yrs old



I'm reliable, fun, and cheerful, using positive behavioral strategies with children to help them feel confident and listened to. For several years, I worked on and off in daycare centers mostly because I love...

Background Check

Dream H. | Henderson, NV

$20-50/hr • 5 yrs exp 22 yrs old

Nanny/ MaidHere To Make Life Easier For You



I am a super energetic and creative person that would give my full undivided attention to your loved ones. I have taken 2 emotional intelligence classes and come from a military background.I'd describe my...

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Adeline J. | Stewartsville, NJ

$20-30/hr • 10 yrs exp 56 yrs old

Loving, Fun And Patient Provider

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I have 29 + years of experience. I have 3 grown children of my own. I owned a home daycare for 20 years. I try to bring out the best in children and strive to help develop them socially, morally, physically,...

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Veronica F. | Oakland, CA

$25-30/hr • 10 yrs exp 57 yrs old




I have been a nanny for 10 years. The families I worked with said that I was like a second mother to their children as well as a best friend. I teach the children to play, dance, sing, and explore the world. I...

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Josephine C. | Eugene, OR

$14-19/hr • 10 yrs exp 68 yrs old

New Grandma And Looking For Fun.



I have over 10 years of experience. I can help with Light Housekeeping and Swimming Supervision. Both my kids received swimming lessons.I am a multitasker, so I do clean up as I go along. I love cats and dogs...

Background Check

Mary F. | Valley Village, CA

$20-50/hr • 8 yrs exp 33 yrs old



My name is Mary. I am qualified and have experience working with children atyipical and special needs ranging from ages 4-12; preschool teacher , associate teacher, special education emphasis certifications.

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Babysitter Resources

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Find a sitter your family will love

Hiring a babysitter may be a perfect option if you are looking for someone to care for your kids while you focus on other things in life. Finding a great...

Hiring a babysitter may be a perfect option if you are looking for someone to care for your kids while you focus on other things in life. Finding a great babysitter that you can trust shouldn't be so complicated. We're here to help you find the right type of care for your children. Compare babysitter profiles, read reviews from other parents, and search by experience or pay rates to find your perfect match.

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FAQs for finding a babysitter

What is a babysitter?

A babysitter is someone you can hire to temporarily care for children. It’s common to hear a babysitter referred to as a “sitter”. There are many babysitter duties that a babysitter can take on such as helping with homework, light cleaning, supervising swimming, or driving the kids to after school activities. Babysitters can help take care of children of all ages.

How much do babysitters charge?

The average rate for babysitters on as of January, 2023 is $15.70 per hour. A babysitter’s rate will fluctuate depending on where you live, the babysitter's level of experience, and the number of children they will look after. Other factors that can also influence the cost of care include the need for additional babysitter duties, specialized care, and overnight care. The childcare calculator can help you calculate your child care costs.

What’s the difference between a nanny vs babysitter?

How do you know when you want to find a nanny or a babysitter? This depends on your caregiving needs. Nannies usually have more responsibilities than a babysitter does and often earn a consistent weekly or monthly salary, whereas you typically hire babysitters on an as-needed basis. Families who need consistent care during the workweek will likely want to hire a nanny and may hire a separate sitter to watch their children on the occasional night or weekend. If you’re looking for a nanny or babysitter, can help you find someone trustworthy.

Are babysitters background checked?

Babysitters on are asked to complete an annual background check called a CareCheck. Sitters who complete this background check will have a badge on their profile displaying the date we ran the background check. While CareCheck is a good start, we strongly recommend that you take additional steps to hire a babysitter safely, such as interviewing candidates, checking references, and running your own background check. Visit our Safety Center to learn more.

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