Top 10 Best Chocolate in Dubai - Wasila (2023)

The United Arab Emirates chocolate market is segmented by product type (softlines / selflines, square gymnasts, mold pimps, molded chocolates and other product types) and distribution channel (supermarket / hypermarket, specialty store, specialty store, online retail and distribution channel). Other).

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Market Review

The UAE chocolate market is estimated at $ 425.8 million in 2020 and is expected to grow by 6.6% in the era of solid compounds throughout the forecast period (2021-2026).

  • Given the popularity and relatively high unit price of sweet snacks, chocolate is likely to be a premium snack option rather than an everyday snack option. However, luxury brands have an ancient consumer base and have the ability to maintain a share or increase retail value and support market growth.
  • High consumption of chocolate in the country increases market growth. The UAE has emerged as one of the potential markets for chocolate due to the rise of international chocolate companies and local players, as well as the changing food preferences of customers.
  • In addition, UAE consumers prefer gift boxes of quality chocolates in different shapes, sizes and beautiful packaging, rather than traditional sweets. This has increased the flow of world-class international chocolate brands like Godiva to the country.

Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day or your best friend’s birthday, chocolate is always a great gift. After all, these sweet treats give us the dopamine we need to make us feel happy at every event. If you are wondering where to buy the most popular chocolate bars, here is a list of the 10 best chocolate in Dubai.

Mirzam Chocolate

There are many reasons why Mirzam is one of the top 10 chocolate makers in Dubai. The variety of candy snacks is simply amazing. Your focus depends entirely on your taste. The pursuit of delicious is creative, colorful and elegant packaging.

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Mirzam Chocolate is an artificial soy chocolate company based in Dubai. They are chocolate bars with a single source that combine rich craftsmanship, inclusions and unique flavors. Places like Vietnam, Indonesia, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea and India have inspired Mirzem to create chocolates with unique flavors. Opened in 2016, Mirzam has already won many awards for various bars.

Araqy Chocolate

What makes Iraq one of the 10 most prestigious chocolate makers in Dubai is the delicious chocolate on its elegant trays. In addition, luxury collections delight and accelerate those who buy them.

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“RAQY” or “ راقي” is the ultimate in elegance and class. Emarati Chocolatier Araqy sweetens your life with unique and quality handmade chocolates in the modern world.

Araqy masterchocolatiers selects the highest quality pure cocoa from the best farms in the world to develop the perfect harmony between the cocoa peel and the unique ganache flavor. Inspired by the production of luxury cars, coated metal bowls in a variety of sizes and shapes add a unique futuristic feel to your sweet gift, while 100% natural materials blend together to create a unique, handcrafted oriental flavor to perfection.

Al Nassma Camel Milk Chocolate

It is one of the top ten best chocolate in Dubai. It’s not plain milk chocolate, it’s camel milk chocolate! Camel milk chocolate is one of the best you can come across. El Nesma produces the first and highest quality camel milk chocolate in the world in bars, boxes and even cute little camels.

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Al Nassma is the world’s first and best producer of camel’s milk chocolate. Al Nesma, founded in Dubai, UAE, uses reduced cocoa baking to raise the delicious creaminess of camel milk in milk chocolate bars. Using camel milk instead of cow’s milk provides a unique flavor that you will not find anywhere else. Camels produce slightly less than 2 liters of milk per day compared to an average cow that produces about 7 liters of milk. Al Nassma is committed to producing high quality original chocolate. All the ingredients used to make this chocolate, from the milk to the nuts and spices, are pure, and the bar contains no additives. As a bonus, their bars are naturally gluten-free and manufactured in a gluten-free facility. The name Al Nassma comes from the way Dubai residents describe the breeze blowing from the desert.

Patchi Chocolate

A repaired chocolate box is the most elegant thing you will ever see in your life.

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Pachi is not only one of the 10 most famous chocolate makers in Dubai (Sharjah), but all over the world!

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The story begins when 11-year-old Nizar Chokire falls in love with chocolate, but things really took off years later with One Piece of Chocolate in 1974. With his original vision, he realized that chocolate has the power to create and contain experiences, bringing feelings, emotions, memories And different moments in people’s lives. As Pachi grew greatly, his vision became a great journey for the brand, for new cultures, markets and celebrations. This is Pachi’s special heritage. Now a world full of unique chocolates, treats, gift boxes, gift arrangements and more.

Godiva Chocolate

This delicate Belgian delicacy is one of the most famous chocolatiers not only in Abu Dhabi, but in the entire United Arab Emirates. Godiva, founded in 1926, is one of the oldest brands of hot chocolate.

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Godiva Chocolate is a restaurant in the UAE that serves a selection of specialties in downtown Jabal Ali, DIFC and Al Wasl.

Their best-selling dishes are Godiva Milk Sin Sin Cake, Cappuccino, Milk Chocolate and Caramel Salt Milk Chocolate Chips, but they can choose from a variety of dishes including pastries, hot drinks, chocolate chips and chocolate chips. .

This restaurant has been rated 156 times by Talabat users with 4 likes.

Armani/Dolci Chocolate

The Armani/Dolci collection is one of a kind. It comes in a variety of delicious and unexpected flavors, from pralines to cookies and of course chocolate. All products are beautifully packaged in the iconic Armenian box. Armni / Dolci is the only chocolate souvenir shop of all the chocolate shops in Dubai.

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Top 10 Best Chocolate in Dubai - Wasila (6)

The collection, launched in 2002, strives to combine the best taste and the best ingredients with the style and elegant aesthetics of Giorgio Armani.

Armani/Dolci is a pure expression of the Torino confectionery tradition, emphasizing the use of Italian ingredients such as bronze hazelnuts, pistachios, alpine milk or Piedmont peppermint and saffron. They offer a delicate and surprising taste: pralines, toppings, ginger and citrus peel, chocolate, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, jam, honey, tea, cookies and candies.

The packaging is Armenian style; Repetitive and accurate. Soft pink gold hue, metallic finish and logo printed on foil. Special collections go out for the most important and frequent events. In addition to Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and Ramadan, there are also limited editions for fall.

Rue Vendome Chocolate

This chocolate brings you the delicious taste of quality chocolate from the heart of Belgium. Brought to you by world champions in the chocolate industry, Rue Vendome is based on the secret recipe of authentic Belgian chocolate. This is one of the most prestigious chocolate shops in Dubai.

Top 10 Best Chocolate in Dubai - Wasila (7)

The magnetic square box contains 16 types of milk chocolate, hazelnut nougat, salted caramel, dark orange chocolate, clear milk chocolate, hazelnuts, janduja, waffle cream, hazelnuts, pure white chocolate and dark chocolate.

Forrey & Galland Chocolate

Best for making the most creative chocolate boxes. It has a reputation of being the best chocolate shop in Dubai. Forrey & Galland is a local chocolate factory in the UAE, producing the best chocolates with the purest taste. Origin and quality are of paramount importance, as is the adoption of a multicultural approach that fosters flavor collaborations.

Top 10 Best Chocolate in Dubai - Wasila (8)

The brand was founded by the families of Mr. Fury and Mr. Galand, who together created the prestigious Chocolate House. From the beginning, the idea of ​​the brand was to capture the new trends of the time. It also tried to use it as inspiration to create a unique chocolate collection.


The Chocolate House, II. After World War II, it closed its doors in 1951 and re-established itself as a family business owned by Isabel Gwyn and her husband Vincent Mort in 2008.

Laderach Chocolatier

The prestigious Laderach Chocolatier Chocolate Store is located in downtown Dubai, the Emirates Mall and the Nakheel Mall. The road is known for its quality and uniqueness. In fact, Chocolate on the Go carefully produces each dish from the highest quality ingredients to provide you with a delicious and quality chocolate experience.

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On the go – since 1962, the chocolate family has represented the highest quality handmade Swiss chocolate. The family business with more than 1,000 employees is located in the canton of Glaros in Switzerland. Road has been producing its own chocolate bars since September 2012. This makes it one of the few premium manufacturers that can ensure sustainable quality from cocoa beans to the product.

The company only produces in Switzerland. Handmade products are currently sold through more than 130 road chocolatiers. These include countries like Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom etc.


Another addition to the best chocolate shop in Dubai is Chocolala Emirates! Chocolala has two stores in Dubai and it is the chocolate paradise I have always dreamed of. He is famous for his chocolate baskets and trays. From small boxes to chocolate bouquets and elegant baskets, they have chocolates for any occasion at particularly affordable prices.

Top 10 Best Chocolate in Dubai - Wasila (10)

Chocolala is a retailer and manufacturer of handmade chocolates, cakes and ice cream. It has more than 30 retail stores in the UAE, with plans to open more stores in the Middle East. As the company grew, the company had a complex retail and manufacturing business to manage. This includes 95 different flavors and 200 different chocolate designs, all freshly customized.

With this our list of top 10 best chocolate in dubai concludes.

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