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When you require your chimney repaired, we are available and prepared to assist! We offer a full range of chimney services including cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. Simply give us a ring and we can help with your chimney needs!

We always do our best to:

  • Go above your expectations in quality and workmanship
  • Complete your job quickly
  • Have the best satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We happily offer rapid response times and the best quality services for all our chimney repair customers.

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Regular chimney and fireplace maintenance is necessary to help keep your household safe from smoke, carbon monoxide, and fires. Whether you are requiring a repair, or you would just like to upgrade your fireplace and chimney, our chimney repair and fire place repair service pros can help!

Chimney Repair

Our chimney pros take care of all sorts of repair work as well as upkeep from chimney crowns and caps, to complete chimney rebuilding.

Flue Repair

The chimney flue is the internal shaft that vents smoke and also gases which are created by burning a fire in the fireplace. Damage to the flue, fractures between the bricks, and deteriorating mortar happen after years of use. In cases of light to moderate damage, it's possible to take care of the loose mortar and cracks. One of our experts will be able to give you a flue repair work price quote and advise the very best options for your residence.

Chimney Liner

Adding a chimney liner or relining your chimney can help shield your flue from damages and also prevent fires. The 3 major kinds of liners are metal, clay, and cast-in-place liners.

Metal Liners

Metal liners are a recently favored type of chimney liner for upgrades and repair work. They are typically produced from stainless-steel, although they can in some cases be made from light weight aluminum also. Metal liners are are really versatile, available in stiff or flexible models, and most any kind of residence can accommodate them.

Clay Liners

Clay tile liners are some of the most common type of chimney liner. The majority of older homes have clay liners. They are rather economical, yet need regular upkeep to make certain that flue tiles do not crack, split, or break.

Cast-in-place Liners

Cast in place liners are a light product comparable to cement that is installed inside the chimney for a seamless flue. These kinds of liners have a tendency to be tough to. install and expensive. In time, they can begin to develop fractures and require relining.

Our pros can help establish the most effective choices for your home.

Call us at (877) 959-3534 for Chimney Repair or Fire Place Repair Work in Arlington, TX.

Chimney Crown

The chimney crown is very vital. It functions as a protective concrete umbrella or roof for your entire chimney. This shields your flue as well as chimney from rain and various other elements.

When the chimney crown establishes cracks or ends up being damaged at all, it allows rain water seep through the chimney and expand and contract. This can cause extreme damage to the whole chimney if not repaired. When found early, basic repairs can be made to prevent issues from happening.

Chimney Crown Sealing

If cracking in the chimney crown is small, the cracks can be filled with patch and a waterproof sealer can be applied on top. This will securely prevent water from entering.

Chimney Crown Repair Service and Rebuilding

In situations where there is a lot more substantial damage to the crown, it might be needed to rebuild it. If the chimney is still in good condition, then it's possible to rebuild just the crown. This will safeguard the chimney for a lot more years. It is necessary to have a professional chimney repair inspect the crown, flue, and entire chimney to make certain all areas are safe.

Chimney Cap

A chimney cap secures your home in numerous ways. It keeps rainfall, snow, and, dirt and animals out of your fire place and protects against hot sparks and also embers from flying out and into your roof. You ought to never run your fireplace or wood burning stove without a chimney cap.

Chimney caps are made from galvanized or stainless-steel, light weight aluminum, or copper. Our chimney service professionals can replace your chimney cap or set up a brand-new one on your chimney if you don't have one yet.

Chimney Damper Repair

Many individuals confuse the chimney damper with the flue. The flue is the inside of the chimney that smoke journeys through. The damper is the part of the chimney that closes off air flow to the outside. When a damper comes to be old, it requires fixing. Normally fixing or changing the existing old metal damper can be expensive.

It's far better to mount a top sealing damper. They are more economical, and every reliable. A top sealing damper will keep cold drafts and undesirable weather outside. A substantial amount of air flow can leak in via the chimney from the outside, making your home feel colder in the winter. This can quickly amount to hundreds of dollars per year in extra heating costs.

Chimney Rebuilding

There are times when a fast fixing isn't a great solution and a damaged chimney needs to be completely rebuilt. Our expert chimney professionals can do chimney masonry repair and total chimney rebuilding.

Call us at (877) 959-3534 for Chimney Repair or Fire Place Repair Work in Arlington, TX

Fireplace Repair service

We can assist with complete fireplace repair service including firebox repair service, refractory panel replacement, fire place door repair, gas log repair service and replacement, fire place screens and clean out doors, and much more.

Firebox Repair

The firebox is the place inside the fire place where the fire burns. This part of the fireplace can often need repairs. Firebox tuckpointing is a procedure that removes old mortar joints. The surface in between the joints is cleaned up, and after that the old joints are loaded with brand-new cement. Cracked or loosened bricks can additionally be taken care of.

Refractory Panel Repair Work.

Prefabricated fire places contain refractory panels. These panels are repaired by cutting and sizing replacement panels, fitting them together and installing them.

Fire Place Door and Gas Log Sets

Fireplace doors and gas logs are a nice improvement for your fire place. The latest gas logs are appealing and realistic looking and are much cleaner than wood burning. We can help with any kind of variety of fire place repair service and enhancements.

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Call us at (877) 959-3534 for Chimney Repair or Fire Place Repair Work in Arlington, TX.

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