Well Over 100 Tavern Names (DnD Other) (2022)

Adventurers often stop at a local Tavern to find out what is going on in town, get some work, or to simply kick back and relax. Having a good name and theme is the hallmark of a great atmosphere. Below are some ideas for the names of Taverns your players may visit.

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Compiled List[edit]

  1. The Bard's Tale Tavern
  2. The Bard's Trousers
  3. The Black Barnacle
  4. The Black Flagon
  5. The Bloody Body
  6. The Bloody Tooth and Broken Bone Tavern
  7. The Bottomless Cauldron
  8. The Braze'n'Bold
  9. The Bucket of Blood
  10. The Busted Bottle
  11. The Busty Barmaid
  12. The Butterhouse Tavern
  13. The Cellar-Keg
  14. The Clay Platters
  15. The Coal Miners Daughter
  16. The Cob Web
  17. The Cockatryce Egg
  18. The Come on Inn
  19. The Cracked Hoof
  20. The Crooked Cane
  21. The Dancing Dryad
  22. The Dead Prince Tavern
  23. The Dirty Sack Flophouse
  24. River Stone
  25. The Dock Master's Tavern
  26. The Dragon's Slither
  27. Dragonwink's Pub
  28. The Drunken Dragon
  29. The Drunken Sailor
  30. The Drunk Duck
  31. The Dwarven Bombard
  32. Early Bird Inn
  33. Every Man's Wish Tavern
  34. The Fearless Flumph
  35. The Fireside Newt
  36. The Firewater Tavern
  37. The First and Last Tavern
  38. The Flaming Wand
  39. The Flask and Sword
  40. The Flying Flute Tavern
  41. The Footsore Wanderer
  42. The Fresh Flask
  43. The Fried Fingers Inn
  44. The Galleon-Hole
  45. The Gory Club Tavern
  46. The Gypsy's Gaze
  47. The Hag's Pot Inn
  48. The Happy Pedlar
  49. The Harpey's Kettle
  50. The Hearth and Road Inn
  51. Hearty Wines and Aged Soups Inn
  52. The Hare's Hair
  53. House of Pots
  54. The Inn and Out Inn
  55. Inn Harm's Way
  56. Inn way to Deep
  57. Insatiable Badger
  58. The Jasper Otter
  59. The King's Hall
  60. The Last Forgotten Wish Tavern
  61. The Last Stop
  62. The Magician's Monocle
  63. The Mead and Magic Inn
  64. The Merchant's Last Coin
  65. The Minstrel's Dance
  66. The Mixwater Tavern
  67. The Moldy Eye
  68. The Naughty Gnome
  69. The Naughty Nymph
  70. The Nymph's Node
  71. The Ogre-Door Tabernacle
  72. The Once-Proud Goose
  73. The Open Cauldron
  74. Oztrmo's Den
  75. The Patched Paw
  76. The Patched Robe
  77. The Peasant's Flask
  78. The Pewter Mug
  79. The Phoenix's Beak
  80. The Pocked Pocket Inn
  81. The Poisoned Meat
  82. The Poor Merchant's Inn
  83. The Port Crevice
  84. The Queen's Robes
  85. The Rather Blustery Day
  86. The Rat's Daggers
  87. The Red Homununch
  88. The Reveling Wench
  89. The Rich Peasant Inn and Tavern
  90. The Riverman's Nestledown
  91. The Rock Bunk Tavern
  92. The Rotten Bolas
  93. The Running King
  94. The Rusty Cog Inn
  95. The Salt Merchant Inn
  96. The Salty Tusk
  97. Scorfil's Ale & Fryes
  98. The Scrolls of Welcoming
  99. The Servant's Last Dance
  100. The Shaken Flagon
  101. The Shattered Cup Hall
  102. The Shield and Sheath Inn
  103. The Shitkicker
  104. The Silly Dryad
  105. The Silver Sword Inn
  106. Sleemy's Second Home
  107. The Slurred Speech Tavern
  108. The Spider's Fang
  109. The Spider's Nest
  110. The Steward's Hatch
  111. The Stowaway Inn
  112. The Swaggering Magus
  113. The Swordhole
  114. The Tall Tales Tavern
  115. The Tanger Serpent Tavern
  116. The Tangled Vine Tavern
  117. The Tassled Teapot
  118. The Tasty Timber
  119. The Traveler's Notch
  120. The Unfilled Mug
  121. The Unkempt Virgin
  122. The Vomit Repository
  123. The Wanderlust Tavern
  124. The Watering Hole
  125. Wayfinder's Rest
  126. The Weary Wyvern Tavern
  127. The Witch's Brew
  128. The Yawning Rabbit
  129. The Milk Maid's Duds
  130. 9 Horse Hitch
  131. 10 Bed Inn, The
  132. Aerie of the Eagles
  133. Adventurer’s Hall
  134. Alchemist’s Alembic
  135. Ales 'n Beds
  136. Alehouse of the Serpents, The
  137. Alicorn, The
  138. Amulet and Wineskin, The
  139. Antidote
  140. Arma Gedd Inn
  141. Atlastabeer!
  142. Axe and Compass, The
  143. Axehandle Ale
  144. Baalzepub
  145. Badger and Harp, The
  146. Badger Head
  147. Bag and Flagon, The
  148. Banjo and Zigzag, The
  149. Bar of Kings, The
  150. Barf Bag, The
  151. Bartie's Food and Brew
  152. Basque and Feijoa, The
  153. Battle Axe Inn
  154. Bed-And-Boarmeat
  155. Bedry, The
  156. Beast’s Head
  157. Beauty Man Garden (servers are well-built 19yr olds)
  158. Bed THIS
  159. Beefy Stu's Beefy Stews
  160. Beehive, The
  161. Beer Guzzler, The
  162. Behir and the Beholder, The
  163. Belching Boar
  164. Belle, The
  165. Belly Buster, The
  166. Bent Elbows, The
  167. Bibbo’s Pub
  168. Biers (undead related)
  169. Big Boy, The
  170. Big Red Dog, The
  171. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Alehouse
  172. Blabbering Kobold
  173. Black Barrels
  174. Black and Blue Unicorn
  175. Black Boar, The
  176. Black Hole, The
  177. Black Pearl, The (near the ocean)
  178. Black Swan, The (sounds like a posh joint on a calm pond to me)
  179. Black Wednesday
  180. Blind Basilisk, The
  181. Blind Eye, The (caters to thieves but claims neutrality)
  182. Blind Marksman
  183. Blood of the Vine (from Ravenloft I believe)
  184. Blue Bear, The
  185. Blue Bladesman, The
  186. Blue Duck, The
  187. Blue Lantern, The (Blue Light Special)
  188. Blue Parrot Inn
  189. Boar and Spear, The
  190. Boar's Bristles, The
  191. Boar's Chase, The
  192. Boar's Head Inn
  193. Boar's Rest
  194. Bob's Place
  195. Bog and Barrel, The
  196. Boil and Youth, The
  197. Booze-up
  198. Bottomless Keg
  199. Bowl's Rim, The
  200. Broken Arrow
  201. Broken Bow
  202. Broken Cane, The
  203. Broken Drum, The
  204. Broken Fist, The
  205. Broken Kender Arms, The (with good reason...)
  206. Bucket
  207. Buffalo's Beard, The
  208. Bull and Finch, The
  209. Bullet and Barrel, The
  210. Bullseye Tavern, The
  211. Bunch o' Grapes
  212. Bunk House, The
  213. Burly Beholder
  214. Burning Corpse
  215. Buxom Wench, The
  216. Cafe of Broken Dreams, The
  217. Candi Bar, The (yet another fine erotic entertainment center)
  218. Cardinal's Error, The
  219. Caritas (“Mercy”, owned by karaoke loving green dragon)
  220. Carl's Bad Tavern
  221. Cat and Fiddle, The
  222. Cat and Mouse, The
  223. Cat's Claw Inn, The
  224. Cavern
  225. Cesspit, The
  226. Chicken's Rest, The
  227. Chipped Chalice
  228. Citadel
  229. Clan of the White Wind
  230. Cloak and Dagger
  231. Cloven Hoof, The
  232. Clowns, Inn of
  233. Cock and Hen, The
  234. Colored Noun
  235. Come on Inn, The
  236. Cow's Horn, The
  237. Creative Marquee, The
  238. Creative Marquis, The
  239. Crippled Griffon
  240. Crazy Cleric
  241. Crazy Monk
  242. Crimson Chord
  243. Crooked Corner
  244. Crossed Daggers, The
  245. Crossed Swords, The
  246. Crow's Heart, The
  247. Crow's Nest, The
  248. Cup and Mug, The
  249. Dancing Elephant, The
  250. Dancing Giant
  251. Dancing Kobold
  252. Dancing Pig, The
  253. Darkroot
  254. Dave's Hideously Dangerous Animal Emporium
  255. Days End Inn
  256. Dead Elf
  257. Dead Eye Moon
  258. Dead Fish, The
  259. Dead Kings
  260. Dead Man's Bluff, The
  261. Dead Mime
  262. Dead Parrot Inn
  263. Deadly Minister's Hall, The
  264. Deepwater
  265. Demon and Hawk, The
  266. Derrin's Divine Brews
  267. Desert’s Jewel
  268. Devil and Deva, The
  269. Dew Drop Inn, The
  270. Dirty Dog, The
  271. Dirty Dwarf, The
  272. Dirty Laundry, The
  273. Divine Delights
  274. Doan Goe Inn, The
  275. Doctoris Inn, The
  276. Dog and Thrush, The
  277. Dog's Bollocks, The
  278. Donnybrook
  279. Dracolich, The (skeleton found in back yard)
  280. Dragon and Flagon, The
  281. Dragon Skulls, The (with a pair of same over the bar)
  282. Dragons's Bar, The
  283. Dragon's Breath, The
  284. Dragon's Claw, The
  285. Dragon's Codpiece, The
  286. Dragon's Hoarde, The
  287. Dragon’s Jaw
  288. Dragon's Lair
  289. Dragon's Spittoon
  290. Dreaming Dragon
  291. Dreaming Elf, The
  292. Driest Bone
  293. Drift On Inn
  294. Drinker
  295. Drinking Druid
  296. Drinking Ogre, The
  297. Dripping Man (fresh corpses hung above)
  298. Drowned Rat, The
  299. Drunken Boar, The
  300. Drunken Cow , The
  301. Drunken Demon
  302. Drunken Dog
  303. Drunken Dragon
  304. Drunken Dwarf
  305. Drunken Mephit
  306. Drunken Monkey
  307. Drunken Owlbear, The ("It's a hoot!")
  308. Drunken Sailor, The
  309. Drunken Stogg
  310. Dry Stout
  311. Duke's
  312. Dungeon and Dragon, The (so obvious I can't believe I've never used it myself)
  313. Duplicate Chant, The
  314. Durien's Dazzlin' Darlins
  315. Dustbin of Death, The
  316. Dwarf's Axe, The
  317. Dwarf's Keg, The
  318. Dwarven Egg
  319. Eagle
  320. Easing the Badger
  321. Eastern Delights, Inn of the
  322. Ebon Flow
  323. Effervescence
  324. Efreeti's Wish, The
  325. Eights and Aces
  326. Elegant Book, The
  327. Elegant Chant Hall, The
  328. Elegant Prayer Tavern, The
  329. Elf’s Ears
  330. Elf's Ultimatum, The
  331. Elswer's (from a book called "The World is Round" by Tony Rothman)
  332. Elven Nations
  333. Empty Pocket
  334. End of the Road
  335. End of the World, The
  336. Ent Tent, The
  337. Ergon’t Taps
  338. Erics Erotic Dancers
  339. Ever-full Jugs, The Tavern of
  340. Eye of the Beholder, The
  341. Eye of the Specter
  342. Fallen Man, The
  343. Farlanghn's Rest
  344. Fat Dragon Inn, The
  345. Fat Jack's Blues & Grub
  346. Fawning Orc, The
  347. Feetal's Gizzard
  348. Fermented Drunkard, The
  349. Fiery Clap, The
  350. Fig and Gristle, The
  351. Fire Mountain Brewery
  352. Fired Demon
  353. Fireplace
  354. Fisherman's Friend, The
  355. Flabby Troll
  356. Flame, The
  357. Flaming Snake, The
  358. Flaming Squirrel, The
  359. Flask and Sword, The
  360. Flying Fish
  361. Flying Monk Tavern
  362. Friends of the Queen
  363. Forester's
  364. Foresthome Rest
  365. Forsaken Souls, Inn of
  366. Fox and Hound, The
  367. Fox Hole, The
  368. Fox's Tail, The
  369. Frog and Duck
  370. Frog and Peach
  371. Frogleg Inn
  372. Frogs Eggs (built with treasure from giant frogs)
  373. Frost Bite
  374. Frosted Flagon
  375. Frosty Mug, The
  376. Frozen Axe, The
  377. Full Bottle Inn, The
  378. Full Moon Tavern, The
  379. Full Tankard, The
  380. Fumbling Ogre
  381. Furious Llama, The
  382. Gaff and Slasher, The
  383. Geezul's Place
  384. Gelded Ranger, The
  385. Giant's Nose, The
  386. Gina’s
  387. Glaring Goblin
  388. Gnoll's Belly, The
  389. Goat's Blood, The
  390. Goat's Head, The
  391. Gob's (old style inn run by old goblin named Gob)
  392. Goblins Armpit
  393. Golden Chain, The
  394. Golden Dragon Inn, The
  395. Golden Grain, The
  396. Golden Gryphon, The
  397. Golden Hammer
  398. Golden Lady, The
  399. Golden Perch
  400. Golden Schooner, The
  401. Golden Stool, The
  402. Good Night Inn, The
  403. Gory's Tavern
  404. Gray Wizard, The
  405. Great Black Axe, The
  406. Greasy Squeal, The
  407. Great Arm, The Inn of the
  408. Green Dragon, The (Tolkien)
  409. Green Griffon, The
  410. Green Man, The
  411. Greyhound
  412. Grig’s Fiddle
  413. Grik’s Bar and Billiards
  414. Grimy Cauldron, The
  415. Gritty McDuff's
  416. Grizzly Cave, The
  417. Grobo's Grotto
  418. Grog Barrel
  419. Grumbling Dwarf, The
  420. Guest's Dormitory, The (near the wizards academy)
  421. Guinea Pig
  422. Guts ‘n Glory
  423. Gutted Pig, The
  424. Halflings' Revenge
  425. Half-way Inn, The (between worlds)
  426. Hall of Narwhals, The
  427. Hammer and Anvil
  428. Hammer, Anvil, and Stirrup, The
  429. Hamster's Folly, The
  430. Hanging Cat
  431. Hanging Man
  432. Happy Dwarf
  433. Happy Harpy Tavern, The
  434. Happy Hooker, The
  435. Happy Lich
  436. Happy Orc (above three owned by female half-orc and blind dwarf)
  437. Happy Puppy
  438. Happy Saturday's
  439. Happyfeet (feet of indeterminate origin over the bar)
  440. Harlot’s Galleon
  441. Harpoon Louie's
  442. Harpy's Hideaway, The
  443. Harvester’s Gate
  444. Hatchet Jack's
  445. Haudhla's
  446. Head On Inn
  447. Hearthstone Arms
  448. Heart of Oak, The
  449. Heaves
  450. Helix, The
  451. Hen and Apple, The
  452. Herald’s Rest (within 5 min. sprint of the palace)
  453. Here's Sin in Your Eye
  454. Hide Away
  455. Highlighted Eye, Inn of the
  456. Hillshire Farm
  457. Hilltop Hideaway
  458. Hobbit's Armpit, The
  459. Hobgoblin's Fist, The
  460. Hole in the Wall
  461. Honest Barrister, The
  462. Hops Skip & Jump
  463. Horn and Haunch, The
  464. Horn and Hounds, The
  465. Horny Halfling, The
  466. Horse and Hound, The
  467. Horwrath's Haven
  468. House of Cards
  469. Hungry Tree, The
  470. I Can't Believe It's Not Stolen
  471. Icarus Descending
  472. Ice Dragon House
  473. Imps Intestine, The
  474. Indigo Incubus
  475. Inn, The
  476. Inn of Clowns
  477. Inn of the Eagles, The
  478. Inn of the Welcome Wench
  479. Inter-planetary House of Spam
  480. Iron Fist, The
  481. Ivy Bush
  482. Jade Terrorist, The
  483. Jane & Tonnig’s (gin & tonic)
  484. Joe's
  485. Joker's Maniacal Frogleg and Nosewart Cafe, The
  486. Just Ale (opposite courthouse; statue of blindfolded woman holding a mug and plate)
  487. Karnov's Bar and Grill
  488. Kettles Inn
  489. Khaki Garter, The
  490. Kibbles n' Bits' Inn
  491. King's Coin, The
  492. King's Rest, The
  493. King's Spellbook, The
  494. King's Throne, The
  495. Klatchian's Head, The
  496. Knife in the Back, The
  497. Knight's Tournament, The
  498. Knotted Beard
  499. Knyte Lyfe (owners name is Knyte)
  500. Kraken, The
  501. Kraken’s Throat
  502. Kraun's
  503. Krazy Kobold
  504. Labyrinth, The
  505. L’auberge du cochon siffleur (“Inn of the Whistling Pig”)
  506. Lancer's Tilt, The
  507. Lascivious Fairy, The
  508. Last Book (libarary tavern)
  509. Last Call (at end of 2k long pier)
  510. Last Chance Inn
  511. Last Port Tavern
  512. Laughing Cat, The
  513. Laughing Cow, The
  514. Laughing Dragon
  515. Laughing Earl, The
  516. Laughing Fox, The
  517. Laughing Judge, The
  518. Laughing Minotaur, The
  519. Laurence's Mug-house
  520. Lazy Lamprey, The
  521. Lazy Oak
  522. Leaping Lizardman
  523. Lecherous Virgin, The
  524. Liar’s Lye
  525. Library ("I've been at the Library")
  526. Lich’s Tomb (run by lich)
  527. Lion and Lantern
  528. Lion's Den, The
  529. Lonely Haystack, The
  530. Lonely Unicorn
  531. Lonely Wanderer, The Inn of the
  532. Looter's (with barmaids that are thieves)
  533. Lost Wayfarer, The
  534. Lotus, The
  535. Lunar Night
  536. Mad Fiddler, The (namesake bard stays there between adventures and during winter)
  537. Maggot's Rest
  538. Malenthiyas Hearth
  539. Mangy Dog, The
  540. Manicured Mouse, The
  541. Marbled Lady, The (with armless statue in bar)
  542. Marty’s Tavern
  543. Master and Aubergine, The
  544. Mead Market
  545. Mended Drum, The
  546. Mermaid’s Flagon (mermaid figurehead with flagon at the door)
  547. Mermaid's Smile, The
  548. Merry Wizard, The
  549. Millway’s
  550. Momma's
  551. Monk and Eggplant, The
  552. Mountain Home Inn, The
  553. Mousehole, The
  554. Mug o' Ale, The
  555. Mulled Apple, The
  556. Murdered Priest, The
  557. Musty Moldan's Mighty Morsels
  558. Nag's Head, The
  559. Nanny's Arms, The
  560. Naughty Damsel
  561. New Cup, The
  562. New Sword Hall, The
  563. Nicked Bits, The (with marble, female statue arms over bar)
  564. Night Candle Inn
  565. Nomadic Revery
  566. Nonnovyer Buisiness
  567. Noisy Bed Inn, The
  568. Northern Road, Inn of the
  569. Nothing's Free House
  570. Nymph’s Grove Tavern
  571. Oarhouse, The
  572. Octopus Club, The
  573. Oiled Spleen
  574. Ol' Bacon and Eggs, The
  575. Old Flying Penguin
  576. Old Lantern, The
  577. Old Man and the Smee, The
  578. Old Rubin's
  579. Olde Fox Decieved, The
  580. One-eyed Jack’s
  581. One-legged Man, The
  582. Only Bar in the Multiverse Without a Convenient Back Door, The
  583. Only Port in a Storm Inn, The
  584. Open Book, The (caters to sages, students, etc.)
  585. Old Grant's Ale-house
  586. Orange Ogre, The
  587. Orc's Armpit
  588. Orc's Head Inn
  589. Orc's Toenail, The (a real dive)
  590. Orc’s Pride
  591. Organ and Poinsettia, The
  592. Over the Wall (just outside the city wall)
  593. Paladin and Angel, The
  594. Pay Up Front
  595. Peacock Alley
  596. Peddler and Cleric, The
  597. Perfumed 'Possum, The
  598. Pig and Pie
  599. Pig and Whistle, The (Dragonlance)
  600. Pink Dragon, The
  601. Pink Lady Inn
  602. Pipe and Tobacco, The
  603. Pistol & Whip
  604. Plaid Chameleon
  605. Plastered Imbecile, The
  606. Playful Party Place, The
  607. Pleasure Palace, The
  608. Port in a Storm, The
  609. Pot Belly, The
  610. Prancing Pony, The (Tolkien of course)
  611. Pub-Pub
  612. Puke Bucket
  613. Priest and Horse, The
  614. Puking Unicorn, The
  615. Punchin’ Pete’s Palace
  616. Purple Bucket, The
  617. Purple Penguin Pub
  618. Puzzle and Egg, The
  619. Queens Head (reputed to once have real queens head over bar)
  620. Quene's Hed, The
  621. Quincy's
  622. Raging Dire Cow
  623. Raging Flea, The
  624. Rain Cloud, The
  625. Rain Song, The
  626. Rampaging Rabbit, The
  627. Rampant Dragon, The
  628. Ram’s Horn
  629. Ram's Lord's Tavern
  630. Randy Stoat, The
  631. Ranger's Lookout, The
  632. Rasvi & Vijay's Stop and Eat
  633. Rats Nest, The
  634. Razorback Inn, The
  635. Realm’s Tavern
  636. Red Barrel Brewery
  637. Red Crow
  638. Red Dragon
  639. Red Dwarf, The
  640. Red Lantern, The
  641. Red Rogue
  642. Red Sky Inn, The
  643. Refuge from the Storm, The
  644. Rick’s
  645. Rifle and Whip
  646. Ripped Kitty
  647. Road Kill Café
  648. Road to Araby
  649. Roadwarden’s Rest
  650. Roamer's Pillow, The
  651. Robber's Inn, The
  652. Rock Rock Rock (name is dwarvish and loses its meaning in translation to common – Pratchett?)
  653. Rolling Meadows, The
  654. Rooster and Spheres, The
  655. Rose and Crown, The
  656. Rose Gem, Inn of the
  657. Rotgut Room, The
  658. Rouge Rogue (red rogue)
  659. Royal Pockets
  660. Ruby Blade, The
  661. Ruby Lips, The
  662. Rusty Blade, The
  663. Rusty Grog (rust monster pet)
  664. Rusty Justicar, The
  665. Rusty Nail
  666. Rusty Vampire
  667. Safe Haven, The
  668. Safe House, The (went there in Milwaukee during GenCon 2000)
  669. Sahuagen and Lady, The
  670. Sailor's Delight, The
  671. Salty Dog, The
  672. Saltsail’s
  673. Satyr and Stiletto, The
  674. Sauce Bucket, The
  675. Scheister's Casino, Inn, and Mortuary (all in one)
  676. Sea Barrel
  677. Sea Dog, The
  678. Seabreeze Inn
  679. Seatin' 'N Eatin'
  680. Seven Priests
  681. Severed Arms
  682. Sexist Pig, The
  683. Screaming Demon
  684. Shallow Swamp, The
  685. Shining Gem, The
  686. Ship's Wheel, The
  687. Shipyard, The
  688. Short Neck Clam Town Inn and Tavern
  689. Shot in the Dark, The
  690. Sign of the Cringing Eunuch, The
  691. Sign of the Golden Orange, The
  692. Sign of the Jester, The
  693. Sign of the Northward Gull
  694. Sign of the Sign (the sign out front has a recursive painting of a sign on a sign on a sign...)
  695. Sign of the Talon, The
  696. Silver Axe, The
  697. Silver Cypher, The (base of operations for a band of demon-hunting werebears)
  698. Silver Oak Inn, The
  699. Silver Snail, The
  700. Singing Boar, The
  701. Site of the Harvest
  702. Six Flags over Mead
  703. Skull-Dragon Inn, The (dragon skull on wall over bar)
  704. Slade's
  705. Slap and Tickle
  706. Slaughtered Cabbage
  707. Slaughtered Lamb, The (American Werewolf in London)
  708. Sleep Here
  709. Sleeping Demon, The
  710. Sleepy Halfling, The
  711. Slippery Eel, The
  712. Sloppy Salamander, The
  713. Slugfest, The
  714. Slumbering Serpent, The
  715. Smiling Orc, The
  716. Smithy's Armpit, The
  717. Snake Pit, The
  718. Snake's Foot, The
  719. Snoring Troll
  720. Solar Night, The
  721. Song Bird, The
  722. Sottish Gnome
  723. Spend the Knight Inn
  724. Spit and the Fire
  725. Splintered Ego Tavern
  726. Spread-eagled Bugbear, The
  727. Squalid Claw, The
  728. Stalin’s Mother
  729. Sterling Hook, The
  730. Step Right Inn, The
  731. Stinking Cow, The
  732. Stinking Boar Inn, The
  733. Stinky Tuna, The
  734. Stowaway
  735. Strange Brew
  736. Strangled Cat, The
  737. Strong Drink
  738. Student's Hideaway (opposite the Guest Dorms and charges by the hour)
  739. Stumble on Inn, The
  740. Stump
  741. Stumpy Bob's House of Beer
  742. Succubus, The
  743. Sundown, The
  744. Supply in the Sky (flying merchant's guild/bar/inn)
  745. Surly Goat
  746. Svirfneblin's Ear, The
  747. Swagger and Swivel, The
  748. Swashbuckler's Luck
  749. Sword's Sleep
  750. Tattered Crown
  751. Tavern
  752. Tavern of the Blushing Barmaids
  753. Tavern of Ever-full Jugs, The
  754. Tavern on the Edge (of something…)
  755. Ted’s Beer and Bathhouse
  756. Temple of Gruumsh, The
  757. Thank God It’s Open
  758. Thiefs Knot, The
  759. Thirsty Vampire
  760. Thirsty Whale, The
  761. This Ain't Your Daddy's Bar
  762. Three Eye Tavern
  763. Three Gables, The
  764. Three Happy Mice
  765. Three Lions
  766. Three Sheets
  767. Three Swords
  768. Thug and Succubus, The
  769. Thunderbird Club, The
  770. Thurston's Brass Tankard
  771. Time’s Grave
  772. Tipsy McStagger’s
  773. Tipsy Tarrasque, The
  774. Tipsy Troll Tavern
  775. Tired Dog, The
  776. Tired Traveller, The
  777. Toad & Turtle
  778. Toss-It-Back, The (patrons throw mugs back at bartenders, who have gloves of missile catching)
  779. Tower Tavern, The
  780. Townhouse, The
  781. Treadwell’s Beer and Sausage
  782. Tree With Antlers, The
  783. Trog Scent Tavern
  784. Troll Breath Repository
  785. Troll Slayer Tavern
  786. Troll’s Head Inn
  787. Trough, The (serves BIG drinks)
  788. Turkey Cove Sleep and Eat
  789. Twin Left Feet
  790. Twisted Boot
  791. Two-Fingered Troll, The
  792. Two Halfling's Inn, The
  793. Two Steeple Inn (between two temples)
  794. Ulcer, The
  795. Valabar's
  796. Van Smack's Tavern and Inn
  797. Victorious Egret, The
  798. Vincent's Gin-Palace
  799. Violet Vein, The
  800. Violent Dog, The
  801. Violent Priestess Hall, The
  802. Virgin and Nightmare, The
  803. Voluptuous Elf, The
  804. Vulgar Unicorn
  805. Wagonhouse, The
  806. Wagon Wheel, The
  807. Wand and the Stein, The
  808. Wandering Mistrel, The
  809. Wandering Serpent Inn, The
  810. Wanton Wench, The
  811. Warm Socks
  812. Watchman's Light, The
  813. Way Out Inn, The
  814. Wayfarer's Home, The
  815. Wayfarer's Lay, The
  816. Weary Wanderer, The
  817. Weasels Warble, The
  818. Weigh Inn, The
  819. Well Worn Wench, The Inn of the
  820. We're Not Hostel
  821. Wet Dog
  822. Whirling Dervish
  823. Whisper and Boil, The
  824. Whistling Oyster
  825. Whistling Pig, The
  826. White Hand, The
  827. White Hart
  828. White Roc Inn, The
  829. White Spear
  830. White Tree, The
  831. Whiteblade’s Winery
  832. Whompers (sign hanging from large cudgel)
  833. Widowers Den, The
  834. Wig and Thistle, The
  835. Wild Chessman, The
  836. Wild Side, The
  837. Wiley Winnint, The
  838. Willowbee's Brewery
  839. Willow, The
  840. Wine of Heaven, The
  841. Wistful Wyvern, The
  842. Wizard's Tower, The
  843. Wobblin’ Will’s Wide World of Whiskey
  844. Wobbling Goblin
  845. Wobbly Boot
  846. Wolfhound, The
  847. Wolf's Den, The
  848. Wooden Pillow, The
  849. Woolystonecrafters Inn, The
  850. World of Wines
  851. World's End Inn
  852. Worn Cudgel
  853. Wrong Bar, The
  854. Yawning Dog, The
  855. Yawing Portal, The (Waterdeep entrance to Undermountain)
  856. Ye Granny’s Ale
  857. Yellow Necromancer, The
  858. Zoo, The

Totally Random[edit]

This series of randomization tables can make 522,400 different bar names. Simply roll for a name structure, then roll to fill in the blanks on the appropriate sub-tables.


(Video) [5 - 9 - 2022] 🔴 It's a new week and I don't know what to put here! - MrJordilicious

  1. Adjective Noun
  2. Adjective Noun Title
  3. The Adjective Noun
  4. The Adjective Noun Title
  5. Noun & Noun
  6. Noun & Noun Title
  7. The Noun & Noun
  8. The Noun & Noun Title
  9. Adjective Title
  10. The Adjective Title



  1. Dog
  2. Wolf
  3. Fox
  4. Pul
  5. Cat
  6. Lion
  7. Tiger
  8. Kitten
  9. Ox
  10. Cow
  11. Sow
  12. Bull
  13. Calf
  14. Horse
  15. Stallion
  16. Mare
  17. Foal
  18. Owl
  19. Eagle
  20. Falcon
  21. Hawk
  22. Raven
  23. Crow
  24. Gull
  25. Fish
  26. Whale
  27. Shark
  28. Octopus
  29. Squid
  30. Goat
  31. Sheep
  32. Ewe
  33. Fly
  34. Butterfly
  35. Dragonfly
  36. Beetle
  37. Ant
  38. Wasp
  39. Termite
  40. Louse
  41. Worm
  42. Lizard
  43. Frog
  44. Toad
  45. Snake
  46. Chameleon
  47. Unicorn
  48. Gryphon
  49. Dragon
  50. Wyvern
  51. Roc
  52. Clam
  53. Oyster
  54. Starfish
  55. Slug
  56. Snail
  57. Mouse
  58. Rat
  59. Beaver
  60. Marten
  61. Mink
  62. Otter
  63. Seal
  64. Manatee
  65. Chipmunk
  66. Squirrel
  67. Gopher
  68. Tower
  69. Castle
  70. Dagger
  71. Sword
  72. Bow
  73. Arrow
  74. Hat
  75. Boot
  76. Trophy
  77. Goose
  78. Duck
  79. Boat
  80. Ship
  81. River
  82. Falls
  83. Forest
  84. Mountain
  85. Vampire
  86. Skeleton
  87. Witch
  88. Wench
  89. Lady
  90. Lord
  91. Knight
  92. Page
  93. Drunk
  94. Shield
  95. Wand
  96. Helm
  97. Flask
  98. Flagon
  99. Pint
  100. Shot



(Video) Soldier, Poet, King - The Oh Hellos (ON SCREEN LYRICS)

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. Purple
  7. Sanguine
  8. Sepia
  9. Ochre
  10. Puce
  11. Navy
  12. Maroon
  13. Pink
  14. Peach
  15. Cyan
  16. Violet
  17. Brown
  18. Black
  19. Gray
  20. White
  21. Silver
  22. Gold
  23. Jumping
  24. Sleeping
  25. Running
  26. Rolling
  27. Laughing
  28. Singing
  29. Flying
  30. Burning
  31. Swimming
  32. Crying
  33. Roaring
  34. Screaming
  35. Silent
  36. Petrified
  37. Hiding
  38. Hidden
  39. Lost
  40. Forgotten
  41. Shiny
  42. Drowning
  43. Giant
  44. Tiny
  45. Fat
  46. Skinny
  47. Humorous
  48. Lonely
  49. Drunken
  50. Slimy
  51. Undead
  52. Dark
  53. Bright
  54. Magical
  55. Enchanted
  56. Poor
  57. Wealthy
  58. Lucky
  59. Unfortunate
  60. Angry
  61. Happy
  62. Sad
  63. Thieving
  64. Desperate
  65. Divine
  66. Arcane
  67. Profane
  68. Discrete
  69. Buried
  70. False
  71. Foolish
  72. Flatulent
  73. Hypnotic
  74. Haunted
  75. Special
  76. Fun
  77. Drab
  78. Daring
  79. Stubborn
  80. Sober
  81. Talking
  82. Naked
  83. Suffering
  84. Cheap
  85. Smelly
  86. Easy
  87. Heroic
  88. Hovering
  89. Married
  90. Pious
  91. Pompous
  92. Illegal
  93. Sacred
  94. Defiled
  95. Spoilt
  96. Wooden
  97. Bloody
  98. Yawning
  99. Sleepy
  100. Hungry



  1. Bar
  2. Brew/Beer/Mead/Ale House
  3. Speakeasy
  4. Pub
  5. Lounge
  6. Brewery
  7. Loft
  8. Club (House)
  9. Inn
  10. Tavern
  11. Den
  12. Lodge

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(Video) Friday Night Funkin' In Real Life 2


What are good tavern names? ›

Dragon's Dungeon, Thirty Party, Flying Unicorn, Dancing Duck, Blind Crow, Lord Eagle, Rogue Minotaur, Prancing Horse, Thirsty Dungeon, and Crooked Bard Barrel are some of the names for your inns that will make others drop everything and head straight to the tavern for dancing and laughing.

What do you name a bar? ›

Come let's get busy naming your bar, pub, tavern, or cocktail lounge…
I used this free online rhyme tool to come up with these names for bar companies:
  • The Far Bar.
  • Star Bar.
  • Czar Bar.
  • Jar Bar.
  • The Bizarre Bar.
  • Bar Car.
  • Radar Bar.
  • Guitar Bar.

What do you do in a bar in D&D? ›

D&D: Five Things To Do In A Tavern
  1. Drink like there's no tomorrow. ...
  2. Brood in a corner. ...
  3. Gamble. ...
  4. Do a crime. ...
  5. Hire some adventurers.
Jan 2, 2020

What are the most popular pub names? ›

Most common names of open pubs listed on Pubs Galore
rankPub NameTotal pubs
1Red Lion520
3Royal Oak409
4White Hart302
153 more rows

What were medieval taverns called? ›

Other names of medieval taverns include The Ball, The Basket, The Bell, The Cross, The Cup, The Garland, The Green Gate, The Hammer, The Lattice, The Rose and two that were called The Ship. Barrie Cox' article 'Some London Inn and Tavern Names 1423-1426' appears the Journal of the English Place Name Society, Vol.

How do you pick a pub name? ›

Unique Content for the Niche

When it comes to naming a bar, try to pick something that sounds cool and quirky. There are thousands of bar names out there that probably offer the same drinks and entertainment that you want to provide, so the name needs to stand out from the get-go.

What is the most common bar name? ›

One of the most common pub names is the Red Lion.

How do you make an interesting tavern in D&D? ›

Making Better D&D Towns: How to Make D&D Taverns - YouTube

How do you run a tavern? ›

8 Steps to Run a Bar Successfully
  1. Keep Your Bar Stocked. ...
  2. Measure Your Liquor to Reduce Overpouring. ...
  3. Create Signature Cocktails. ...
  4. Host Happy Hour and Events. ...
  5. Hire the Right Bartenders. ...
  6. Train Your Bartenders and Wait Staff to Upsell. ...
  7. Invest in a POS System. ...
  8. Take Liability Seriously.
Mar 11, 2021

What do you do at a tavern? ›

A tavern is a place of business where people gather to drink alcoholic beverages and be served food such as different types of roast meats and cheese, and (mostly historically) where travelers would receive lodging. An inn is a tavern that has a license to put up guests as lodgers.

What are the top 10 pub names in England? ›

The top pub names in the UK
  1. 1 Red Lion.
  2. 2 The Crown.
  3. 3 Royal Oak.
  4. 4 White Hart.
  5. 5 The Swan.
  6. 6 The Plough.
  7. 7 The Bell.
  8. 8 Rose & Crown.
Oct 23, 2017

Why are bars called bars? ›

It's a Literal Barrier

It is literally a giant flat surface in front of the bartenders. This is where we put drinks. This is why it is called a bar: “so called in reference to the barrier or counter over which drinks or food were served to customers,” according to the Online Etymology Dictionary.

What is the most popular English pub name? ›

The Red Lion is the most popular pub name across the UK, followed by the Royal Oak and the Crown Inn according to the Good Beer Guide 2020, CAMRA's premier publication featuring the very best pubs to find a great pint in the UK, to be published on 12 September.

What is a tavern owner called? ›

tavern keeper - the keeper of a public house. publican.

What were bars called in the 1700s? ›

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the most common term was "tavern." By 1797, citizens of the newly formed United States were using "barroom," later shortened to "bar." In the 1840s, "saloon" began to catch the public fancy, becoming the favorite term from the 1870s until the advent of nationwide prohibition ...

What is the main room of a tavern called? ›

I'd call it "great room." Or, if it is very large, the "hall."

What are some club names? ›

Cool Club Name Ideas
  • Riders United.
  • Island Explorers.
  • Wild Sides.
  • Cubicle Crazies.
  • Super Mountaineers.
  • Extreme Riders.
  • Book Hoarders.
  • Aromatherapy Gals.
Oct 6, 2021

Why are pubs called the Alma? ›

It seems The Alma, including some other local Windsor pubs may be named about events, places and/or people connected to the Crimean War which took place between October 1853 - February 1856. The Alma is a river in the Crimea towards Balaclava.

What do you call a home bar? ›

Home bars, also known as wet bars, are built to have fun and enjoy drinks with friends and family without leaving the comfort of home. Home bars could be built in any place or area in the house whether it's in the kitchen or basement.

This is a list of 100 road encounters - 5e D&D compatible, but they can be used for other tabletop RPG systems. I've got a free website with even more

The party sees a group of ten men and women wearing robes and carrying staffs.. The party sees a group of seven men and women wearing robes and carrying staffs.. A group of merchants with a group of dog pull wagons are heading to another city to trade with another group of merchants.. A group of men wearing chainmail riding on horses with lances and swords are riding towards the players A group of 2d6 goblins is attacking a wagon.. A group of women are walking down the road, talking about how beautiful their dresses are and how much attention they’re getting from men and how much fun it is to flirt with men and how much money they’re going to make from all the rich men who will try to buy them dinner and buy them gifts just so they can touch their pretty dresses and feel good about themselves for a little while because everyone loves feeling good!. The party sees a group of women in long dresses walking down the road, talking about how beautiful their dresses are and how much attention they’re getting from men and how much fun it is to flirt with men and how much money they’re going to make from all the rich men who will try to buy them dinner and buy them gifts just so they can touch their pretty dresses and feel good about themselves for a little while because everyone knows feeling good about yourself is worth more than money because money can’t buy you love but love can sure as hell buy you money!. A group of men in black robes approach the party and ask for directions to a nearby town.. A nearby sign reads ‘Beware of thieves.’ A man wearing black robes and carrying a staff approaches the party and asks for directions to a nearby city.. A group of men wearing robes and carrying staffs are walking down the road and talking about wizards, magic, and monsters.

Here's a quick D100 random potion table for 5e DND and other fantasy tabletop RPG systems. Enjoy!

6) Your body temperature suddenly spikes, and you feel like you’re on fire.. 11) You feel a cold chill run through your body, and your teeth start to chatter.. You can now see twice as far as you normally could for the next 12 hours.. You are immune to cold damage for the next 10 minutes.. 20) You feel a sudden urge to sleep, and you fall asleep immediately.. 31) You feel your body temperature rise, and you start to sweat.. 35) You start to feel lightheaded, and you have disadvantage on all attack rolls and ability checks for the next minute.. You have disadvantage on all attack rolls, ability checks and saving throws for the next minute, but you gain a +5 to all perception rolls.. 48) As you drink this potion, your body grows cold, and you take 3d6 necrotic damage.. You have disadvantage on all ability checks for the next 1d4 rounds.. You gain advantage on perception checks for the next 1d4 hours.

You all meet in a tavern… You sally forth into the unknown… You slay the dragon, claim its hoard, and set off back to town.

If you’re getting ready to run your first game of D&D 5e , you are going to be perfectly fine with making a town where the party begins, a dungeon where they can have an adventure, and maybe a random encounter to put in between.. Seriously, I’m convinced this is some of the most new DM-friendly content (free or otherwise) out there right now.. If you want to take more of a direct hand in creating your very own starter town, the first thing we’re going to need is a map.. Lastly, when you have your starter town map ready to go, it can be helpful to visually represent the different buildings, NPC locations, and other details on the map itself.. So, you’ve got a map.. Fort (3-in-6): A town’s primary source of defense and authority.. Also, markets can present opportunities for adventurers to buy stranger stuff than they can find in the local store.. Trading Post/General Store (5-in-6): Every good town needs a place for adventurers to resupply and buy rope, torches, and everything they need for their next quest.. Whether they’re home to important NPCs or not, farms are likely a town’s main source of food, and tilled fields probably extend for about half a mile on all available sides of the settlement.

Need some D&D random city encounters? I've got a list of 100 here, or you can head over to Random Encounters AI for even more. I've been using GPT-3 from

A group of men are gathered around an old woman who is telling stories about local monsters that were fighting each other long before the city was built.. They have different titles like ‘Stories of the Dead’ or ‘The Dead Are Alive’ or ‘Dead Again!’ or ‘Back from the Grave.’ A man is selling maps that show a way through the mountains to an oasis that no one has ever been able to find before, but he says if people follow his map perfectly then they’ll find the oasis with ease.. A group of performers are performing a play about a group of adventurers who are going on a quest to find treasure.. A group of men are standing outside a tavern, talking about an old legend.. A group of men are standing near a temple, talking about an old town legend.. A group of men are standing in the street, talking about an old legend.. A group of men are standing in an alley, talking about an old legend.. A group of 2d6 merchants are selling their goods in the street.. An elderly man is offering to sell the players a map of the city.. If players get involved in the game, they learn that the children are playing a game called ‘Tie a string around your fingers and see how long you can go without getting caught in a trap.’ A group of children are playing a game where they throw rocks at each other’s heads.. A group of people are holding up a mirror, trying to catch a glimpse of something behind them A man offers to sell you a very rare and expensive sword.. A group of men are talking about the lack of respect that the government gives the poor people of the city.. A group of men are talking about a local merchant who buys and sells rare goods from faraway lands at higher than market prices.

Posted on 23 October, 2011 by MssngrDeath

I’ve heard a lot of interpretations of ability scores.. The most common of these is “Charisma correlates strongly to good looks”, which is incorrect and tends to irritate players of low-Charisma characters, but anytime there’s something the stats don’t cover explicitly (like weight and build), we try to draw conclusions about them based on the hard numbers we have.. How tough is a bard with Constitution of 14, really?. What does it mean for my character when I roll poorly and have to drive the 3-Charisma barbarian?. I put together this list a few years ago to try to put this in simple language.. Below are some quick descriptions of every stat, from 1 (a modifier of -5, or as low as a character can get without being undead or a construct) to 25 (a modifier of +7, or as high as a PHB character can get without magic):. Strength 1 (–5): Morbidly weak, has significant trouble lifting own limbs 2-3 (–4): Needs help to stand, can be knocked over by strong breezes 4-5 (–3): Knocked off balance by swinging something dense 6-7 (–2): Difficulty pushing an object of their weight 8-9 (–1): Has trouble even lifting heavy objects 10-11 (0): Can literally pull their own weight 12-13 (1): Carries heavy objects for short distances 14-15 (2): Visibly toned, throws small objects for long distances 16-17 (3): Carries heavy objects with one arm 18-19 (4): Can break objects like wood with bare hands 20-21 (5): Able to out-wrestle a work animal or catch a falling person 22-23 (6): Can pull very heavy objects at appreciable speeds 24-25 (7): Pinnacle of brawn, able to out-lift several people. Dexterity 1 (–5): Barely mobile, probably significantly paralyzed 2-3 (–4): Incapable of moving without noticeable effort or pain 4-5 (–3): Visible paralysis or physical difficulty 6-7 (–2): Significant klutz or very slow to react 8-9 (–1): Somewhat slow, occasionally trips over own feet 10-11 (0): Capable of usually catching a small tossed object 12-13 (1): Able to often hit large targets 14-15 (2): Can catch or dodge a medium-speed surprise projectile 16-17 (3): Able to often hit small targets 18-19 (4): Light on feet, able to often hit small moving targets 20-21 (5): Graceful, able to flow from one action into another easily 22-23 (6): Very graceful, capable of dodging a number of thrown objects 24-25 (7): Moves like water, reacting to all situations with almost no effort. Wisdom 1 (–5): Seemingly incapable of thought, barely aware 2-3 (–4): Rarely notices important or prominent items, people, or occurrences 4-5 (–3): Seemingly incapable of forethought 6-7 (–2): Often fails to exert common sense 8-9 (–1): Forgets or opts not to consider options before taking action 10-11 (0): Makes reasoned decisions most of the time 12-13 (1): Able to tell when a person is upset 14-15 (2): Can get hunches about a situation that doesn’t feel right 16-17 (3): Reads people and situations fairly well 18-19 (4): Often used as a source of wisdom or decider of actions 20-21 (5): Reads people and situations very well, almost unconsciously 22-23 (6): Can tell minute differences among many situations 24-25 (7): Nearly prescient, able to reason far beyond logic. This really isn’t valid for 4th-Edition though.. On top of that, the maximum is 30, and I’m not entirely sure where you can go from the capstones above.. Stats also (always) scale with level and there are no magical ways to modify them, so it feel more like the ability scores are shoved to the back end of the character sheet, used in other calculations but meaningless for an actual description of a character.. This entry was posted in DMing , Gaming Systems and tagged D&D 3.5E , D&D 3E , Pathfinder .

Your WiFi name says a lot about you, so why not give it a little personality? Why be boring when you can name your personal…

Your Password Please?. WiFi?. Not A Home WiFi Network Serenity Now I Can’t Believe You Use This For Free WiFi Im_Free TURN IT DOWN!. Enjoy it while you can… Matrix Wi-Fi Secret Code Cozy Spot The Best Connections The Library Spot Welcome to the Castle Wireless Password for That Place House of Cards No Secrets Here Parallel Universe Dark Matter Wi-Fi Lol Wfi Lucky WiFi You are blocked Your device is Hacked Fast and Furious Snooper’s Sneaky Connection Your own Noisy Neighbour Remote Detonator All Men must WiFi Sing for the Ping Wi-Fighter Can you feel the Connect?. If you have a WiFi network at home or your place of work, you probably have one that’s just called ‘network.’ Not very catchy, is it?. The Promised LAN That’s what she SSID WiFi is Private No Connection found Slow and not steady La la LAN Password is “GET YOUR OWN” The Net Bug Buster No Limits Easy Connect Cloud Connect Point Access anytime Chill and Calm Groovy and Ultra fast Gonna Work Harder No Lag Zone LANmower Welcome to The Matrix DM for Password I Like Ice Cream Miracle Man 1password Cheerful WiFi High Speed WiFi Connect Me 2 Your Network Power Supply WiFi Eye Spy WiFi Play Wireless WiFi_1_Million_Visitors Nerd HQ WiFi of Awesomeness Find-a-spot iBeenThere This Is The End Welcome to the Virtual Reality The Secret Life of Mr. WiFi Network Lost Ping Ball Need for Speed Router Rangers My Blue-tooth hurts French Connection Not the WiFi you are looking for Visiter Pass. Using funny family WiFi names, of course.. Family Anonymous Do Not Disturb Mom And Dad At Play Here For Your Safety For the “me” parents Always Talkin’ Bearly Breathing Cutest Couple Ever* He Just Doesn’t Get It Home WiFi 2 Go Awesome, Best WiFi Ever Has WiFi, No Cable It’s password is password Touch My Router and We Will Sue I’m Sorry For My Parent’s Poor Choice In Wi-Fi Names All of the available space is taken We have a limited number of IP addresses, please Family Connectivity A Family Affair The Family Network Gone with the Wind No Wi-Fi Blues !!!!!. We all love Cop WiFi names .. That’s okay we still have a ton of funny wireless network names for Moms.. Is this how you connect?. If you’re looking for some fun and creative WiFi names that match your need as a Marvel fan, this section is for you.. this list of Star Wars WiFi names is just what you’ve been looking for.. We have scoured the web to find a list of the best anime names to use on the WiFi network.. Your WiFi network will thank you for it!

Big fan of Dungeon & Dragons game? We gathered a list of best apps related to D&D game to use on your Android or iOS gadget

However, there are different events, and a favorite Dungeons & Dragons game would like to be played.. D&D Lords of Waterdeep is a cross-platform game that you can play together with your friends on completely different devices.. You can choose to play the game online or play only with artificial intelligence at any time.. Compared to its real version, the application has more dungeons that you can explore, as well as the Tavern – a place where you can store something.. When forming your own hero, you choose a class, characters to control, and weapons.. Moving through automatically created dungeons, you can find 300 items and more than 130 monsters!. This is how applications with full game rules, a collection of all monsters and characters, map generators and heroes are developed.


1. That One Guy in Every Dungeons & Dragons Game
(The Warp Zone)
2. I survived 24 hours in the deep dark
3. EST Gee x Lick Back
(EST Gee)
4. If These Moments Were Not Filmed, No One Would Believe It!
(Top 5 Best)
5. I Like Girls - JoCat Animation
6. the Vecna transformation is 🤯 #shorts #strangerthings #netflix
(Still Watching Netflix)

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